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Allergic Rhinitis (Please help)

Possible Allergic Rhinitis? Please help

I would be interested to know if the following common and uncommon symptoms can be related to Allergic Rhinitis.

I would love to bore you with the 3 years history of feeling terrible but I wont,  ok so to keep it short.

First visit to the ENT I was sent straight away for a CT scan of the sinuses, results came back with a lot of inflammation and deviated septum.  Had the operation and all went well, breathing through the nose much better etc etc, but didn’t feel much better.  Few months later I returned to the ENT as I had extremely thick mucus that I could not clear from the back of the throat, he also had a look up my nose (Bad inflammation), put me on a steroid which had no effect.

Was sent for allergy testing, results came back with quite a bad dust allergy, and animals among a few others.

Symptoms :

Headaches (Mild and Dull)
Head pressure (Persistent, wake with it)
Post Nasal drip (Extremely thick  clear  mucus)
Ear Pressure (Persistent with Occasional tinnitus)
Dull pain behind both eyes
Feel worse after naps
Poor concentration (Only when I feel sick)
Extreme head pressure when bending over

Here are the symptoms I am very interested in knowing if they can be associated with Allergy Sinus problems :

Heavy heartbeat with changes in altitude, for example getting out of bed in the morning.
I have also noticed a heavy heartbeat that can shake or move my body when standing quickly, this also comes with head pressure, or pulsating headache that lasts for 20-30 seconds. (Heartbeat is never faster than normal, just heavy)
BP with both Dr's and home tests always normal) ECG (Normal)
Confusion during sleep or naps (Rarely but happens)
Anxiety (Only ever comes with the head pressure)
Jaw pain/pressure
Neck pain
Back pain

I should also say that over the counter allergy tablets make me feel worse, how is this possible? I have noticed that they can cause more pressure.

Any help would be great, many thanks
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