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Always feel like something is stuck in my throat?

Ok let me start off by telling everyone that I am an average build 23 year old male. I went to the doctor back in October I believe because I felt like I had something stuck in my throat and I had a very minute ammount of blood in my saliva when I spit. Anyway, he told me I have a sinus infection and gave me antibiotics. Now I have always had allergies and plenty of sinus infections and I knew this was no sinus infection. So I take the antibiotics and nothing changes. So I go back to the same doctors office to see a different doctor. This time because again I feel like something is stuck in my throat and I have a small dull paint to the left of my sternum. The blood in the saliva has stopped at this point. She decides it was acid reflux and gives me a months worth of Protonix and schedules an appt. for me to see someone in gastreology. So I've been taking the protonix and I went to see that doctor and he said he thinks I have acid reflux. I've been taking the Protonix as directed but still all the time I feel like something is stuck in my throat. Feels like it's right behind my tongue in the tonsil area. Sometimes it's on the left and sometime's it's on the right but it's always there. I drink plenty of water and the only other thing I drink is sweet tea and that's every now and then. I've drank it my whole life with no prior problems. Also I've noticed that it seems like something slimy. Almost like mucus drainage or something. I have been able to pull some of it up out of my throat and spit it out but it's clear with no color or spots or anything. No relief comes from that. Sometimes I can make it go away for a couple of minutes if I brush the back of my tongue. I took some Ztus expectorant last night hoping it would release it but no luck. Does anybody else have this problem and what can I do about it? I'm going to schedule an ENT appt. next week. There is no pain, it just feels like there is something stuck there much like when you try to swallow a pill without enough water. It makes me worry when I go to sleep because I'm afraid my throat might swell up causing breathing problems. Thanks in advance.

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Matt I am going through the same exact thing. My throat feels "strange" for lack of a better term. I just got referred to an ENT and I have to wait almost 2 months before I can get an appointment. The feeling gets worse for me at night and its on one side. The right side. I feel pressure around my esophagus like someone is holding it. Weird. I'm scared out of my mind!!
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That's how I feel.  It bothers me because in the past I have had a mild form of asthma and I due to that I am really particular about my breathing.  I don't feel short of breath or like I can't breath, I just feel like there is something in my throat and It makes me concerned that it will cause a breathing problem in my sleep.  Mine tends to worsen at night as well.  Were you diagnosed with Acid Reflux and/or G.E.R.D?
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I was diagnosed with acid reflux and post nasal drip. No one took me serious I even went to the ER for this and was told I was having an anxiety attack! Some days are better than others. Today wasn't as bad, but I still feel it. Sometimes its like my food doesn't go all the way down right away. I was having stomach problems with bad heartburn in the beginning, but that has ceased. I also get a strange feeling in my right ear. It "tickles" for lack of a better word. I'm not in pain, but I have a constant reminder that there is something constricting my throat!
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I also am very concerned about throat cancer. I am a non-smoker, but my grandpa did die of the disease so it may be hereditary. All of my symptoms seems to parralell with throat cancer symptoms. All I can do at this point is pray and wait on my appointment.
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I have had similar problems and the Protonix helped with the choking sensations but it didn't stop it.  I also gargled with a mixture of warm salt water and apple cider vinegar to get rid of the slimy feeling and it almost strangled me because whatever was in my throat, that mixture brought it out.  It's a sight to see and I'll never do that again!!  Crazy idea!!! I can't remember who told me to do that but it's an old home remedy that will probably work but you'll die trying.  What can I say, I got desperate for relief!!!  I'm still looking for help as well.
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I'm glad to know I'm not the only one doing this.  As of right now it's actually not too bad.  I am only taking Protonix 40mg once a day and I can start to feel it wearing off in the late afternoon.  I have never had these problems before and it just hit me all at once.  I too worry about the throat cancer you speak of.  I was supposed to have a Barrium Swallow when I went to the gastreology office but they didn't do anything.  He told me if it's not better after I get through with the Protonix then they will probably have to do an endoscopy.  I try not to worry but I'm sure you guys know just as well, it's hard to ignore.  I'm hoping I can get in to see the ENT Dr. soon.  It would make me feel a lot better knowing that I got it checked out.  My Grandmother died of breast cancer so I definately want to get it checked out so that if it is something serious I can take care of it now.  I really appreciate your responses.  Please let me know how you guys do.
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i thought i was the only one this issue is driving me crazy feels as thought something is stuck in my throat, slimey, feel as though i need to belch to ease it, i am worried about this this has only occured the past week and i have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow just hoping its nothing serious, i try not to panic when it feels very closed but i do and it just makes it worse i just want to be back normal again i sometimes feel as there is a mucus in my throat and in the back of my nose, my symptoms seem to lead to that reflux i have just read of but i am still worried and not sure what to think HELP
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you have tonsil stones.  i have them.  one of the symptoms in is the feeling of something stuck, or spitting out little stones.  it's amazing that most g.p. doctors always miss the very obvious and simple.  stones can also cause chronic sore throats, swollen glands, and infections.  they themselves are a collection of infectious material-food and bacteria, mucous.  some people are able to pick them out-the ones they can see.  i am getting my tonsils removed this June because mine are causing severe sore throat infections and swollen glands.  you need to see a good ENT doc.  if someone doesn't listen to you, try someone else till you get help.  
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did u finally get that out of your throat ? or did it just go away ?
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I have the same problem - I had to do research about tonsil stones (tonsilloliths) to figure out what was wrong with me - I've had doctors tell me I was being "hysterical," that it was GERD, that it was TMJ, and worst of all, that it was "normal."  They bother me so much - chronic sore throats, etc.  I would also suggest studying up on sialoliths - which are similar to tonsilloliths, except they are extracted from the salivary glands.

Other than that, there is nothing you can do other than have your tonsils surgically removed to take care of them.
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This might not be your problem, but "just incase" I want to mention this. A friend of mine had always felt like there was something in her throat - stuck and sometimes it felt like she was almost choking. After going to many doctors, she finally had a diagnoses that it was her thyroid. She started taking the meds and the problem went away.

So, if all else fails, it may be worth checking out.
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forgot to mention that it was "hypothyroid," not "hyper"
she does have really bad post nasal drip, so the doctors were
confusing her diagnoses with that - thinking that was causing
her throat to bother her, but that was/is a separate issue.
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I know how you feel Matt. I have the same problem and have been seeing Doctors, ENTs, Gastronologist, etc.  I am now wondering if I'm having an allergic reation to milk, or foods with acid.  I was told to lower my intake of fatty foods and try to eat grains, fruits and vegetables because the gastronologist said I had an underactive gallbladder.  I began to eat better with this diet along with fat free dairy (cottage cheese, cheese, milk).  I was doing better and then I began having problems like you discribed.  I have had these same symtoms before, but never this servere. I came off all dairy for a week and started to feel better.  I decided to experiment and try dairy again. I had a glass or milk and 10 minutes later had the same symtoms. The dentist seems to think it could be tomatoes, oranges, lemons, or vinager.  I have been eating all the above with my diet.  I am going to come off dairy for another week, and also eliminate foods with acidity, then experiment with both ( one at a time). I hope I find the solution soon, not just for me, but for others like you who need answers.  I will try to keep everyone updated.
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Hi Everyone.
I just ran across your posts while searching for help with another issue, but I had all the same symptoms a lot of you are describing many years ago.  thought I'd share this with you just in case it helps anyone else. This may or may not be what you have, but hopefully it will help someone.  I always felt like something was stuck in my throat or I had a lump in my throat, sometimes left side, sometimes right side. I had trouble swallowing, was afraid to eat at first for fear or choking.  I was very terrified for months.  I had all the tests you can imagine, X-rays, CAT scans, thyroid, acid reflux (meds for reflux made me really sick) heart problems, cancer, GERD, had the Barium swallow, scope stuck through my nose and down the throat, was told it was "globus hysterious" the medical term for "YOU ARE HYSTERICAL."   I was very depressed and scared for months.  I finally found a great ENT, the one who scoped me, who diagnosed me with a muscle spasm in my larynx.  I don't recall the medical term, but he pretty much said take a muscle relaxer and if it goes away, that's what you have.  And boom, I took one, and relief.  It took a while for it to register in my brain that it was not something more serious and that it wasn't going to kill me, so I still had episodes for a while until I got control of the fear of it all.  I really think the fear and the anxiety of not knowing aggravated the spasm and that's why it was continuous for so long. (I did NOT have to continue taking muscle relaxers, btw, only for a very short time)  Now I do regular chiro, massage, no more meds, and I would occasionally just massage the sides of my throat "I know it sounds weird," but even though it feels like you're strangling yourself at first, it actually relieves it eventually.  When I get really stressed out, I still massage my throat just to make sure I don't get a recurrence.  I haven't had an episode in at least 5 years.  I really hope this helps somebody.
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Did everyone get this problem sorted out?

My throat is constantly swollen and I can eat six things only. Mine was caused from an adverse reaction to herbal supplements and then medication. At times it feels like anaphylaxis I can't eat a lot of things, my throat won't let me, even if I have things in my mouth, my throat swells up. I have extreme sensitivity, it was Christmas when this happened. I will be seeing someone very shortly and hopefully will have what I need done within the week. The other specialists I was being sent to, they can't see me until March. But an online doctor has confirmed I need to see someone straight away and I found someone that can.

And they have all these specialists at this hospital, so they can also send me to someone that can help to find out what I can take for medication and what I can eat, so I don't have to maybe u can try this etc....and if there is no reaction etc....that I can not cope with doing because it makes my throat swollen, like anaphylaxis. At present my throat is swollen and is coated by thick mucus that won't budge, can't spit it up, can't swollow it, my mucus membrances are aggravated. So I am glad I am about to go to someone. The doctor only wants to send me to a gastic specialist, but they said at the hospital they can send me to other specialists if I need to go. The online doctor confirmed I also need to see an ent specialist but I also know I need to see an immunologist as well and possibly a neurological psychologist to help through all this, but also see if there has been any damage to my brain. That episode I had caused my brain to overload and shut down. I have waves and waves of panic, trauma, stress, as well as nausea and dizziness etc....and it lasted for hours. And that was first from taking herbal supplements together, so u can see how sensitive I am. I have a sensory processing disorder.

I know what the being frightened at night and having a bad night because ur throat is swollen and it feels like someone has their finger on ur voice box. The medication have found out causes the not being able to breathe and then u have to sit up to start breathing again along with reflux. The choking feeling as well as the not being able to get breath in because the air is to light and thick to breathe or being sustainiing. I think the side effects for me is worse than the throat swollen and swelling things. I find if u don't swollow for a time, it gives the throat a rest and then can subside. I had one nurse that told me I was having a tantrum, when I was having an anxiety attack from not being able to breathe properly. And her caring offer was, stop being a baby.

Anyway did anyone get their problem solved. I am glad that soohoo found relief from muscle spasms.

For my problem its my whole digestive system is out of whack but is coming into balance, because I am resting in Christ but also because I am drinking water, and drinking two litres a day, if I don't drink the only water I can, then I have problems. I also can only eat six things with it.

I also got ur imagining it because u have post traumatic stress disorder, like people with ptsd don't ever get sick or something wrong with them. And he looked at my throat and told me it was normal, when it is not my tonsils its my voice box area. I had to ring them back and tell them that I am having a bad reflux situation and it could be LPR, I shouldn't have to try and diagnose myself. And it is scarey, mine caused me to have panic the other night because it was swelling up again and I couldn't sleep. they told me as long as I can breathe and drink water I am still okay and don't need to go to emergency.

So hopefully this time next week I will have an answer.

Peaceful Co.
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This is finally the discussion that describes my symptoms exactly.  I have been searching for a possible cause for over 6 months now.  I'm not experiencing pain at all, however I CONSTANTLY feel as if something is stuck in the back of my throat, near my tonsils, usually on the right side but sometimes on the left as well.  Tonsils are fine - just had them checked.  It definitely seems to worsen as the day progresses and gets significantly worse at night.  I feel as if my throat is constricting and will eventually close and prevent breathing.  I have stayed up all night a couple of times trying to research the cause only to find that it may be psychosomatic and related to anxiety, so as my anxiety increases, the problem gets worse and it's just an ongoing cycle.  I almost had a full-on panic attack a few days ago.  I was diagnosed with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) several years ago and take Lexapro each morning and Trazadone each night.  The Trazadone "turns my mind off" so that I can sleep, and I desperately needed to rest and ease my anxiety, but I was afraid to take the meds for fear that my throat would close up and I would suffocate in my sleep.  So, now on top of the incessant annoyance of having something stuck in my throat sensation, I'm now suppose to accept that I am doing this to myself and it is all in my mind?  I'd love to find out that it is a fixable issue.  Surgery, whatever, I don't care.  I'd do anything to feel normal again.  My husband is growing increasingly weary of my constant complaints.  Now, I just sound like a hypochondriac.  I'm a healthy person and am not sick often.  I don't have sore throats, allergies, nasal drip/congestion or any of the other symptoms that are commonly associated with such a problem.  I'm afraid that a doc might brush me out the door as many of you have experienced, so I'm spending tons of time trying to self-diagnose so that I can make suggestions when I go in to see the doc.  No heartburn, nothing.  Just this freakin' lump that refuses to go away and is ruining my life!  ANY HELP THAT YOU CAN OFFER, SUGGESTIONS, ANYTHING, ARE APPRECIATED.  I mean, come on, we can't ALL be crazy and experiencing the exact same "phantom" lump, can we?!
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In the same boat as everyone else.  I was on antibiotic cipr for a long for an infection and I think that threw my digestive system out of whack.  Started with some irritation under my sternum went on Zantac that worked for a short while then moved to PPI's like prilosec.  Still having trouble so my doc suggested a stronger PPI.  I see a pattern here and want to find a different solution.  When I first stopped taking the meds was first I got what I would describe is heartburn pain in chest.  

Tried a few herbal supplements like dgl licorice, slippery elm, aloe, fennel seed, apple cider vinegar and probiotics.  It seems to only be covering it up.  Heartburn sensation is gone but now the only symptoms I have had the past few weeks is exactly what you all describe.  Like a twig or something is stuck in my throat.  Could be causing the sinus drip too.  This stuff is so difficult to figure out cause of course its allergy season and I am allergic to everything.  My only difference is when I wake up first thing its completely gone.

Starting to look into gluten free diet cause I could be allergic to that as well.  If I find something that works I post back.  
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i also have something stuck in my throat at the bottom of my throat, just under the adams apple. it too has moved from left to right and then back to the left side. i notice this 3.5 weeks ago, then went away for easter and the throat issue went away. my glands were also swollen at the time. after easter i went to the doctor as my glands were still swollen, without any other symptoms. the doctor gave me antibitotics - erethyamicin (sorry about spelling) - which did absolutely nothing! so i went back to the doctors (throat issue was still gone) and he has orders me for an ultrasound in 2 days. now something feels like it is again stuck in my lower throat, like flem kind of, not painful, kinda like a scratching or something stuck there. however it goes away and comes back, which is weird. now im worried this could be something serious!! my glands on both sides are still swollen as well.

does anyone know what this could be?

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Here is the answer you all been waiting for. Stop going to those indescent physicians who ca not tell their lefts from rights.
Go to any pharmacy store and buy yourself 2 things
- Vicks chest rub, to rub your neck by throat area at night b4 you get to bed
- B-50 complex, take one pill per day
This is it  ;)
By the way, this remedy (cause hereabove mentioned medicines are made from herbs) are brought to you from a physician from UAE, Dubai and if you do not know where that is, it is in the Gulf
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I am also in the same boat , it is so distressing.I have had this feeling as though something is at the back of my throat on the right side for over 6 months and no luck with any doctors. Feels as though no one wants to help.
All I do is chew gum which helps a bit.
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Me too. Mine started when I swallowed a wedge of apple peel 'the wrong way' three months ago. ENT docs can't see it and have been very dismissive. I feel it's trapped further down than they've looked yet, ie beneath the vocal cords. Why do they want to put it down to complicated things like 'Globus pharyngeus' rather than actually listen to what I'm telling them?

Sympathies to everyone. I cannot find an answer.
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I am also in the same boat here,.....started having this sensation of something sharp-like being stuck on my tongue way down more on the left side, now it's usually on the left side on the and feels as though it is stuck behind my tonsil. Mine does not feel "slimy" or mucousy like you guys have described, more like something sharp or a "soreness". Mine moves from side to side occassionally as well, but has been primarily staying on the left side of my throat. It is quite annoying and I have been suffering with this for about almost a month and it seems to be getting worse. I can still eat, and drink, but if the liquids are cold, it could sometimes "activate" it. I have looked down my throat witha flash light several times and I really don't see anything, and I cannot really stick anything down there too far (I have a really bad gag reflex).  I do however have GERD , and I take prevacid for it and that works well....and I do not need to take it everyday thank goodness!  But now there is this annoying throat thing!  I have been getting more and more anxious about it and I guess I'm going to have to go to the doctor if it doesn't leave, but the trouble is I have no insurance right now, so I am trying to avoid that until I have to. I am sorry for everyone's pain and frustration they are going through,....I hope you guys ALL get answers. I love what suggestions you all have been writing in,....anymore that you think could help would be appreciated! If any of you have any questions for me I'd be more than happy to help if I can!  Thank you all.
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I had a pinch nerve in my back (lumber). i was very stressed and i also suffer with anxiety. I had stressed myself so bad that i had a lump sensation in my throat. I have been to the chiropractor and things have gotten better but i still fill pain in my body sometimes nothing like how i was feeling in the beginning. The lump that i was feeling when i swallow went away but not all the way. the lump never really gave me pain but sometimes i mite feel some sharpeness in my throat. I still kind of feel like i am swallowing something though. i also get headaches and earaches, they dnt say all day but i do have them sometimes. I have taken claritin -d and it works but i really dont want to continue talking pills. i really dont know if these sytoms all come from the pinch nerve or what. can someone please help me?
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Hi, i am 35 years old and i do smoke. actually i quite about a month ago. I have been having the same problem. When i swallow i get a clicking on my right side usually, and it feels like something in my throat. At night when i lay down it is really bad. Plus it is all i can think about, My mouth also gets really dry, and it feels like there is a ton of mucous caught in the back of my throat. Already wen't to an ent once, And he said it was lpr. He told me to take 30mg of previcid and come back in a month have been doing that and it doesn't seem to be helping. anyways this has really got me scarred to where i could barely sleep at all. Go back to see him in a week and a half. Wish me luck.  
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