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BABY Ear problem.

I have recently got a son who is 6 months old. when he was born, he took the hearing test which he passed it. The sad thing is he failed the hearing test done in 5 months.I have consulted the Doctor here(Singapore) , he suspects the there might be fluids in middle ear, and he wants to put a tube in ear drums so that the fluids can be drained out. A few days back, the doctor check him throughly and he found that no fluids is in the middle ear but, there is still a failure in the hearing test. Now, the doctor suspects, he might have weak bones in the middle ear. I have attached a copy of the test result. Please help me......
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I would also post in the Expert Hearing and Ear Disorder Forum.

Wish you the best.
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Thank you very much..
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Hi Thahir,

This impedance audiometry is not very reliable, if the ear plugs are not fitting snugly there are chances of having low compliance. I would also suggest you to get a BERA (Brain evoked response audiometry) done that can really find out if there is any damage to the auditory pathway. Anymore doubts you are welcome.

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I agree with OHNS2010. In children under 4 years,OAE (otoacoustic Emission) and BERA would be the more dependable and  equipments of choice for screening and confirmation.
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We had all the test taken for him. The doctor reveals that his middle ear bones are weak. He does not know the cause of it. The solution for this is to wear Hearing Aid.
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