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Bacterial , viral or ?

Hi everyone. Does anyone know whats wrong with me ?

-Constant ear ringing and sensitive to loud sound / noise (ringing / tinnitus gets louder when I press / apply pressure on my upper jaw / teeth or if I open my mouth)
-Jaw muscle tension / discomfort / pain
-Crackling sound under ears and jaw joints discomfort on both sides when opening mouth (feels like an inflammation)
-Head pressure (feels like a vacuum cleaner behind the eyes area and it gets worse if I open my mouth a lot)
-Vertigo feeling sometimes
-Little blurry vision and eye floaters
-Nose popping (could be a side effect from the nasal spray)
-RED SKIN AROUND THE NOSE (Maxillary Sinus area look at the picture)
-Hoarse voice

All symptoms started with an ear canal infection problem except for the tinnitus/ringing that was there many days before caused by the dry earwax that was sticking on my eardrum.The jaw tension problems and crackling started the first day when I took the prescribed Amoxicillin antibiotics and eardrops.

Ear, Nose & Throat specialist says that my ears are perfectly normal now even if I feel that may ear infection didn't heal fully because there is a strange sensation under that ear if I scratch my cheek and sometimes there is a special crackling sound in that ear when I open my mouth which I heard for the first time during the infection. TMJ scan showed no problems !

I also stopped smoking and drinking alcohol because it makes my symptoms worse.

So now I wonder if its bacterial or viral ,ear damage or something much worse ?If its a chronic sinusitis then I would expect a stuffed nose but its possible its some kind of dry sinusitis.

Anyway I hope someone will find a simple answer to my detailed question:)
Thanks in advance !

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