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Bad Smell In Nose

Hello.  I am currently in high school and have had a bad smell in my nose for two years now.  I am a boy.  This smell has greatly influenced school, as it is difficult for me to make friends.  I have had a sinus X ray done and the doctor told me that everything was fine.  I have used nasal sprays and nasal rinses, and nothing worked.  I have taken Zantac, just in case acid reflux caused the smell, but that did not work.  I have also used mouthwash, and that did not work.  I usually do not have bad breath, but in school I still can smell the bad smell.  I am 100 percent sure that I’m not imagining the smell, as others have hinted at me by saying “what is that bad smell?”  One of my friends even said “You smell”  I replied, “What?”  He said “Never mind.”  I do not think I have a bowel obstruction, because I am not vomiting and my feces are normal.  However, I have high blood pressure, a little bit high cholesterol, and I have a lot of gas.  My farts are very foul in odor, and I see a connection between the smell of my farts with the intensity of the bad odor in the nose.  The less farts and/or better smelling the farts are, the less smelly the air that comes out of my nose is.  I am healthy and exercise.  Also, when I don’t think about the bad smell, it goes away.  I also stay very calm and sometimes the smell goes away.  It usually goes away when I feel something moving in my nose, although I am not sure if it is a pressure change or something else.  Sometimes, even though the air in my nose is moisturized, there still is a bad smell.  I think the smell comes out of my right nostril, which is slightly drier than my left nostril, and I cover up that nostril all during class to block out the smell.  Please, if anyone knows anything about this life ruining smell, please comment.  Thanks.  
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Your problem is not unusual, at least on this forum, but most doctors never see it, so they'll just think you are one of the many nutcases in their practice.  The sinuses are still a medical frontier, and I believe the people on this forum have made a great medical discovery about "nose stink".

The problem you have is often caused by anaerobic bacteria.  These can thrive in the upper sinuses and not be detected by Xrays or scans.  Sinus rinses don't wash it out, because sinus rinses only work in the lower sinuses, before gravity takes over.

A Flip-Turn Sinus Flush will rinse microbes out of your upper sinuses as well, and cure the problem. It uses gravity instead of fighting it.


The flush is mildly risky, because you need to bend over, preferably in a shower, but you can do it outside on soft ground.  If you decide to do it, continue for several days after the smell goes away, or it will grow back, like it did to me twice, until I figured it out.

Your other problem could be related, I don't know, it's just possible.  Go get some large size vanilla Activia yogurts and eat that for a few weeks, or read Ultra Mind Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman.  Good luck, your real friends will come back.

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have had the same bad smell\taste in the mouth for over 6 months now.  Couldn't figure out what the hell the problem was.  Mine became so awful that the smell would literally funk up my entire office at work.  I too was convinced that the smell was coming from my nose.  Because of this, i ended up at an ENT, who convinced me I needed surgery on my sinuses & tonsils.  Well, after having tonsils\adenoids removed, upper gi, lower colon splenoid or something done, and all kinds of other medical test ran.  The culprit turned out to be a crown on the lower left molar tooth.  The tooth up under the crown had split in half, and the damn thing became infected or something.  When the smell first started, the first place I went was to the dentist (of course they didn't see anything wrong).  I ended up on a wild goose chase that cost me thousands of dollars.  Finally after reading another site and listening to the guy on there story, I went back to the dentist and lied that the tooth was bothering me.  That's when the dentist decided to take the crown off (he couldn't tell anything from the X-ray; the crown was n the way of seeing my actual tooth).  He ended up having to pull the split tooth.  He told me to come back for a bridge of something once it has healed but "No Thanks!" I'll leave the spot empty because empty doesn't become infected and stink up a whole room......
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I've a really bad smell in my nose for over 2 years and obviously it is a real stopper to making friends and even keeping current ones because you feel reluctant to go out with them. It's frustrating and seemingly unfair when everyone else has got gf's and are going out, it pushes u to segregation and solitude. I was given antihistamin's and antibiotics from my gp which did not work at all. Then I saw an E.N.T specialist ,finally after the long *** waiting list, whom concluded that I had a deviated septum, (nose cartilage), which allowed more air in so I secreated more flem, more air flowing in meant drier nasal wall which meant bleeding, so the option is to have septoplasty, which is surgery to correct the septum, therefore stopping the symptoms and allowing me to live like a real 18 year old. Don't feel sorry for yourself because of the mutilations of kids in northern Uganda, is so much worse, get a wider perspective and realise you're much better off than some others. I love reading harry potter!!
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I've been having this really bad smell in my nose for over 3 years now, it also causes my breath to smell bad and the food I eat to taste different. I don't know what is causing it and nobody has been able to help me so far. I've tried to get help in every way, but everybody thinks it's my imagination or thinks that i'm crazy. Seriously, who who want to imagine they they have bad breath and smell stinky stuff all day, it's serious and nobody seems to understand. I've talked to my physician,dentist, been to a ear,nose and throat doctor, still nothing. I had a CAT scan and everything is negative. It is ruining my life, making me insecure, embarassed and anti-social. I hold my breath when I talk to people everyday, scared that they will smell the bad odor. The bad smell comes and goes throughout the day, but it is there for most of the day. When this smell comes, my throat hurts a little, I have some drainage, and the area around my nose hurt. I have good personal hygiene, brush/floss my teeth three times a day, tried using mouthwash, sinus rinses, antibiotics, allergy medicines, use gum, breath mints, but nothing helps. This problem is making me miserable and nobody understands how I feel and how bad it is affecting my life. I wish somebody will be able to diagnose my problem asap. I don't know what it is and feel so helpless. I know the smell is strong because people always touch their nose around me, put a piece of gum in their mouth, pretend to yawn to smell their breath to make sure the bad smell is not coming from their mouth, or offer me a piece of gum/mint when I talk to them, especially at work, when I help my customers. I've tried just about everything, even brushing my teeth does not help my problem, it makes it a little better, but the bad odor is still there. I don't know what else I can do, but I am living in misery. If anyone out there can help me or give me advice, please do so...thanks... = {
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I have the same bad breath problem.  I can smell the foul odor when I yawn, while running, and other random occasions.  The smell is similar to rotting flesh.  My dentist has not found anything unusual, and they have mentioned that they could not smell anything.  I have not yet seen a doctor about this problem. There are a few things things that might be the cause of this bad breath.  One of my upper right molar is misaligned.  The gum surrounding it bleeds when I floss, and the smell is usually bad when I sniff the floss.  My right nostril is also blocked up, but the smell is not present when I blow my nose or when it drains to the back of my throat.
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I am angolan and i have had bad smell in my nose for over 6 years. I don't know if my friends have already felt this bad smell from me but at least they've never complained before me. So a feel a little bit ashamed to make friendship and it makes me feel very depressed sometimes.
I really don't know what to do.
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Im experiencing the exact same thing. I've had people tell me up front my breath smells like feces. There is no doubt in my mind that it doesnt. I have also smelled this repulsive smell. I can just be sitting there breathing calmly and smell it. It is effected my social life tremendously. I have a hard time making myself go to class because of the anxiety the smell causes. It has been going on for about 3 years now and i can't seem to shake it. When I first starting experiencing it I went to the dentist...I was too embarrassed then to be specific and tell the Dr. exactly what I was smelling. So they just did a check up and cleaned my teeth and said everything was fine. They also mentioned they couldn't smell anything at the time. Probably because I went to the bathroom several times while waiting to go into the doctors office and brushed my teeth. After that i still had the problem. SO i looked into mouthwashes..even order online. The rinses failed to solve the problem. After going to my regular doctor several times about this issue ( never once was i completely honest about the smell i was experiencing ) and receiving a million antibiotics which didnt help anything..I decided to go to an E.N.T. I was honest this time despite how utterly embarrassed i was and told him about the distinct smell. He seemed disgusted ( which hurt my feelings because its not like im a dirty person I brush/floss/ and rinse three times if not more daily) He sent me to get a ct scan of my sinuses which came back normal...No sight of blockage really but I did have a deviated septum...which he said wasnt a big deal as long as i can breath fine through my nose..which I can.. so he decided to take my tonsils and adenoids out..he believed that my tonsils would be what was putting off the odor..although they werent inflamed or anything. With high hopes throughout recovery that my problem was solved...I started to notice the smell again. I was so disappointed. I researched online and the only other thing mentioned really was bowel obstruction..and i deeply considered going to a g.i doctor..but honestly i dont think thats what it is because i dont have a problem making bowel movements and i dont have prolonged vomiting. The only thing I cant think of now is that I have fillings in my teeth where cavities used to be..and maybe there is infection in one. Or it could be my upper sinuses that sinus sprays cant reach... Im going back to my E.N.T to ask for a flip turn sinus flush...and im also making a dentist appointment and this time im going to be completely honest about the smell and tell them what ive read on this site about the possibility that it could be coming from a filled tooth..

also there is something ive noticed..

The only time I can ever be comfortable now at this point with being social is to drink..and thats the only time i can manage to be romantic or even kiss a boy.. but what ive noticed is...when i kiss someone..usually the next morning they will have the same smell on their breath...until they go brush their teeth...and i know im not imagining this...strange? im wondering if anyone else has noticed this.
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The flip-turn sinus flush works well for anaerobic bacterial infections, which is what sometimes happens after a sinus infection.  Usually only the sufferer can smell it.

The sinus flush doesn't seem to work when other people can smell it.  One person did find that the problem was in a cracked tooth.  Check out this possibility, it looks more promising, from the Respiratory Forum, about the yeast infection.

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I haplessly helpless man who has been suffering from awful bad breath coming from my nose for 7 years. It is exactly and even worse when the previous victims described.  The worst think for me is that I have spent 60% of my income in health related.

I went to dozen ENT, allergist, Pyschologiest, pyschatrists, Pysicians and I was finally told that my brain is lying to me. The pychriatist man who is a resident student is arguing this, for he probably wants to give me Zeloff, a antipresssion proscription. FINE! I can take that. But What I am absolutely and Clearly know is that this is bad breath coming from deep in throat and nose is not something I am imagining. My mother, college friends, co-workers, and other strangers have told me I smell bad.

Some even joked, "it smells like the rotten mice I saw in my grandpa's backyard" or  "it smells like rotten tomatoe/potatoe." Others say, hold their nose. I went to college, and I failed because the bad breath cuases students hold their nose, I can't communicate with them. I become isolated, humaliated, degraded, and have been thinking about ending my life which I actually told my doctor if they do not find my problem.

The problem is that most doctors woun't even listen to me or take the time to investigate. I pay cash and I don't why a doctor says, "make an 90 minute apointment" but when get to the hospital I have to wait 2 hours and after than the doctor shows up adn leaves immediately by tellng use "nasal spray" or he can't exactly find the problem because my throat is fine.

I did have gam disease but it is not. Now, I have very visible, actually dark spots under my eyes shadows. And two bold dark spots on the sides of my nose. I showed the doctor, and she said, "it is normal".

I don't what to do. And I am convinced this is a problem for I have read other problems. It often gets worse when I eat diary food including milk, bread. I smell less when I eat black tea, toasted chtichen legs, or rice. It is a problem and I am very determined to become ENT. I was doing acounting and planned to get my CPA but right now, I will go back to school to take chemistry and biology courses to get my BS in Biochemistry to I can apply for medical school to become either ENT or something else that would enable me have the ability to help helpless people like me. I hope I find solution to my problem so I can help you and I will definely share with you if I resolve or find out my problem. Please do if you do too
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Bottom line I wonder if pumping up your immune system will help any of you? Look up vitamin C flush on google.com, also try going to a health food store and getting a GOOD QUAILTY probiotic! Have the sales person help you find a good quailty one, this will balance your "gut" and make anything coming or going out of your system digest a lot easier and in turn help your immune system. OH I WISH YOU all GOOD LUCK!! Try a really healthy diet and the above, at least for ONE MONTH! WHAT IS a month for good health? CHEERS!
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I'm not a Doctor but I know that this kind of disease is unkown for most of Doctors out there it is called Ozena, also known as (atrophic rhinitis), is a rare chronic inflammatory disease that affects the lining of the nasal cavity.

Treatment involves combination of antibiotics and other types of medication, vitamin therapy and systemic estrogens geared toward reducing the crusting and eliminating the odor.
After treated avoid get Flu or cold because it can trigger the previous condition if not treated in days.

If you feel that the whole world or air smells like an infected wound wrapped in a dirty sweat sock, that would be it.

Don't keep yourself in a close room, look for a Doctor on is 30s to 49 they may get is right.

I got that and it lasted 7 years only one Doctor got it rigth the youngest fot sure. A surgery was required in my case it fixed most of the symptoms but the smell did't go away, it just changes to
different things every week, sometimes  medicine, burning rubber, asphalt, propane gas, fish never a good thing it last 2 years after the surgery.
My case got solved only when I joined a Christian Church. Smell would go away while I was in Church but I had to pray for that. One day while praying  in Jesus name I promise God that if  He would give me a cure I would server him for life. I got well in about 5 days. I just feel bad for not keeping my promise. Try to keep yours or just don't promise anything .

http://www.merck.com/mmhe/sec19/ch221/ch221g.html provides an extensive overview of the various types of rhinitis, including ozena
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This morning has been my first time after sinus surgery that I smelled something bad.We have 2 dogs in the house,I thought it was my nose,but the smell was so strong I started looking around because I thought one of them has lost their mind and s**t somewhere.lol I was walking around sniffing and when I didn't find anything,I got my Neti Pot and washed my sinuses 2 times,that was with 2 full Neti pots full. I've also,and I know this sound bad, but I've had 2 huge thick dark green hard stuff the size of a quarter,I sniffed and it came from somewhere but landed in my mouth and it like to have made me sick,I spit it out.I'm going back to the doctor and get a check up,it's been 2 months since I've had my surgery and I decided to check online and that's when I found yall. I want to be sure my noze is not rotting off!!
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