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Blocked ear - think eustashian tube blocked

I have has a plugged up ear for the last 7 weeks and it has caused all sorts of problems. I have had 2 antibiotics a trip to an ent who says maybe it doesn't need to pop and sent me for a ct scan - still waiting
I paid for an mri of head and neck as I was starting to get burning tingles on head and panicked - all I think which is coming from nerves in ear
I am desperately trying to unblock the tube to clear all the other symptoms
As far as I know I don't have allergies or sinus infection must have been a viral infection
I purchased a otuvert ballon and haven't used it yet can anyone tell if they have used this and does it work
Or could u suggest any other things to do - I am flying in a week and not looking forward to the descent ahhhhhh
Any help very grateful
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

To clear the Eustachian tubes, decongestants, steroid nasal sprays and antihistamine medications are used. If the Eustachian tube dysfunction, does not resolve with medical therapy, then surgical options are the choice of treatment. Myringotomy, where a tiny slit is made in the eardrum to aspirate any middle ear fluid and to allow temporary ventilation into the middle ear space. Pressure Equalization Tube, PET, where a tiny plastic or metal tube, is introduced into myringotomy to keep the portal open.

Try to avoid flying until the blockage is cleared. Discuss this with your doctor.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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