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Blocked ear

I have have had one blocked ear now for 3 months. I have no infection according to my doctor. It started after I had the flu with fever, then 2 months later I had another or the same virus. The right ear is blocked and there is a swishing sound that drives me crazy. My doctor says it will open, but I am starting to wonder. . . Caan anyone please give me some insight to this?

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no ear wax i assume.  what needs to open? wax, flesh, bone.... something must be blocking.  or you have some internal ear defect/problem.  this may require exam by a specialist ENT
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No, I have no defects and probably I should say plugged rather than blocked. There is also a swoshing sound. My eardrum is retracted, my doctor says. He says it should go by itself, but I have had it now for 3 months. I do a lot of sports and I is so strange to ski with this.
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Prednisone finally opened my ears. Doctor prescription
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