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Blood in ear/otitis externa

A few days ago I was beginning to experience some itches in my left ear. When I used a cotton bud to alleviate the itchiness and got it out there was blood on the end. At that time, I suspected it might be an "infection."

Then two nights ago I decided to pour warm water into my left ear - which I now know was not a smart decision - to cleanse the ear canal because I was afraid that the "infection" might get worse and clog my ear. When I got the water out the first time my ear clogged. I managed to unclog it with a cotton bud. But the second time when I poured warm water in and got it out my ear clogged again. I tried using a cotton bud to unclog it again, but my ear remain clogged - and is affecting my hearing and I'm getting a constant ringing. Also the pain in my ear got worse (thanks to my stupidity).

Does anyone know what might be the cause for the blood in my ear and do I have otitis externa? And if I do have otitis externa (or whatever it is that's clogging my ear) is there anything I can do to unclog it to regain my hearing? I tried blowing with my nose blocked but it makes no difference. Thank you.
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