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Bronchitis/Sinus Infection.

I went to the doctor on Jan 31 , 2014 with bad back pains , shortness of breath, coughing (but not coughing anything up) chest discomfort. I was treated for bronchitis with a z pack(antibiotic) and predisone ( steroid) for 5 days ; after the  days I started feeling my symptoms again so I went back to the doctor where I was treated for a pinched nerve after x rays and stuff. A week later I followed up with my family doctor who gave me predisone to help clear up the bronchitis and help with back issues ( pain, numbness feeling in the upper back all over) , last wednesday (2/26) I went to the minor care place in my city where I was treated by the same doctor who said I had pinched nerve for a sinus infection with (hydrocondone-homathropine syrup, a z pack and a nasal spray) at first I was starting to feel back normal but now my throat has been to bother the heck out of me like I just have mucus sitting in my throat that I just cant get up. Ive been back and forth to the doctor 4-5 times in one month and its just too expensive with my co pay. am I ok to let it wait it out or do I need to get checked out again? im only 23..
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Hi there,
A clinical examination is necessary for correct diagnosis and treatment of your condition. Throat infections, bronchitis, asthma, tonsillitis all can present with symptoms experienced by you. Clogging of mucus in throat can be treated by taking mucolytic drugs and steam inhalation. Drink plenty of water and keep your hydration good.It is suggested to see a primary care physician and get examined. A clinical examination is utmost and if you are not satisfied with your doctor’s advice seek second opinion. I sincerely hope it helps.
Best wishes and regards!
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