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Bulimia and GERD

I had bulimia for 6 years but have been recovered for almost 6 months now.  Since my recovery began, I've been experiencing small amounts of acid reflux (confirmed by barium esophagram).  My ENT doctor also noticed three viral vesicles in my throat which disappeared after taking Valtrex (about 3 mo ago) but one vesicle has recently reappeared.  I was originally diagnosed with HSV1 in my genital and lip area years ago but never had an outbreak anywhere else.  Is it possible for HSV1 to spread (to my throat)?  Also is it possible that persistent reflux could have caused an outbreak of HSV1 in my throat?  I've been trying different medicines for the reflux (Aciphex, Zantac, Pepsid) but none seem to be working very well.  I also had an endoscopy that returned completely normal.  The pain that I currently experience is the sensation of something stuck in my throat, sometimes pain upon swallowing, sometimes hoarseness, and pain to the touch right below my ears.  I also noticed a white bump visible on my throat.  I touched it with a Qtip and it came off (it smelled bad) - what is this?  My ENT doctor didn't say anything about it.  He just put me back on Valtrex and gave me different reflux meds.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
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