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Bumps(warts) in throat, redness.

Hello Everyone! I need a help!
In October of the last year I caught a cold. I was sneezing,coughing, had a runny nose but also I noticed that bumps started appearing behind the glands and I thought that maybe it's a cold infection and skin just swelled up a little there but it looked weird, not just swelled up, it looked like bumps,pieces of skin that I've never seen before in my throat. Soon all the symptoms of cold are going away, I'm not coughing or sneezing anymore but I still
have these weird bump behind my glands and also my throat was still a little red like there's an infection. 3 different ENT doctors took cultural test and couldn't find any infection. They told me that they don't see those bumps i was talking about. But I defenetely know that I didn't have them, i know myself better!They said that pain that i also have in my throat sometimes it's a heartburn and they sent me to a Gastroenterologist. Gastroenterologist said that I'm fine but prescribed me Omeprazole and said that if it's a heartburn then it will help me and pain in a throat will go away. Well, it's been a month since I started taking Omeprazole and nothing changed! No results at all... Then my physician send me to a allergo-immunologist and tool a blood test to check
if I have an allergy that can cause the redness in my throat and bumps that "nobody can see". The test was absolutely good , because i didn't have any kind of allergy.
All doctors say that I'm healthy and that I have no problems with health at all, but today I woke up and looked in my throat and I can see those pieces of skin behind my glands that bother me and they became a little bit bigger!!! How come doctors can't see them? Why don't they send me somewhere for a detailed test that can show what kind of infection it is? I don't think that cultural test can show everything, there' are probably many other tests that I can help to figure out what's exactly I have. Also every morning I wake up with a pain in my throat and terrible hoarseness and my voice always changes. Maybe it's an HPV (bumps,warts) that came out when my immune system became weak, how can check it? Please help me and tell me if you know what kind of tests should I have and what doctors should I ask for help.Please help, because I don't know anymore what to do! Thank you in advance!!!
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