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Can't Taste or Smell Anymore


My name is Steve and I live in Baytown, Texas a small costal town full of Industry and pollution. I had troubles with allergies and went to see an ENT which got some X-Rays and put me through repairing a deviated septum and sinus surgery all in one. That was in 1998. I have been through the ringer with my sinuses and infections for quite a while. Seems just when I go to see a new doctor, they get a cat scan and immediately want to do surgery. I have had my MRI’s & Cat scans looked over by internist at Baylor. They can’t see why I would need surgery again other than me and my insurance card and a little co pay. I have to agree with them. I’m not going through that again.

Is there such thing as a doctor that will take a culture to find out why I can’t taste or smell. I can deal with taking antibiotics for months at a time if needed, but would rather loose a finger or toe than my taste and smell. It has been 6 months since I’ve been able to taste or smell. I’m getting depressed and hard to get along with around the house. Are there medical people that will find a source rather than chase a treatment or hit you up for the most expensive procedure they offer?

Thanks, Steve
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I did want to add, I do smell a faint smell of oranges of anything I eat or try to smell, even my own cologne. They have been giving me Cipro for bacterial problems, I was wondering if they might be missing a viral without a culture?
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Actually loss of smell is one of the complaints regarding cipro...  check into leviquin, which is cipro
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I loss my taste and smell way before cipro. I wasn't taking anything for sinus at the time except astelin and nasalnex once a day and an occasional sinus rinse.

Is there another forum that has more activity. This is not what I expected respectfully.
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Nose sprays have been linked to that too. My father is a fan of RhinoCort...  he can't smell anything either.

The other thing that comes to mind is a tumor.

I think I would pick the ladder of the two.
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Tumor sounds exciting. How does one find out if you have one?

Today just turned out to be a bad day for me. Blurred vision, fatigue, neck aches, weakness you name it. I'm sitting behind a computer for a living, but not living to my best health. I don't know where to turn. I can't figure where to start and keep a job. I have two in college and at 51 in a professional job I can't retire and don't have enough vacation to keep taking off. I guess I was hoping to find the magic solution on a forum. So far it looks like too many variables of why. So if I get the surgery to help take the frequent infections down will I still not be able to taste or smell. Doctors I see can't tell me this and this is the Medical Center Downtown Houston. The Best. I wish "HOUSE" was real. This crew finds the cause, studies the symptoms and finds a remedy. Fiction is inspiring sometimes.
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I not sure if you have consulted with a neurologist yet, but a MRI would be a handy way to find a tumor.
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