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Cant breathe! Choking, Allergies.

I've been having trouble breathing for a couple years, but it appears to have gotten much worse now. It started off with my nose, I had a deviated septum and had surgery to correct it when I was 17, im 19 now. My breathing wasn’t terrible but it could’ve been better, I always had the deviated septum but now really bad, I fractured my nose back then as well so I just had the surgery. I didn’t feel like it really helped at all and the doctors left like 3 ft. of gauze in my nose that they supposedly took all out, which was found only after I complained for several days that I still felt something in my nose. Anyway all that being said my breathing through my nose wasn’t perfect but nothing too serious. A year later I had the same surgery again because the first one didn’t really help. This was with a different doctor and I had my septum corrected again along with my adenoids and turbinate reduction. I was hopeful for this surgery but again I didn’t see much difference really. By now my breathing was still a little bothersome to my life but still somewhat manageable. A couple months later after, at some stressful points in my life, I started noticing my breathing affecting me more. I’ve always been told that I snore really loudly and stop breathing sometimes, but now I felt like it was really affecting me and I felt like I was choking when trying to sleep. It became really bad and gradually was ruining my day. I went to yet another doctor and he said there was nothing that looked really visibly wrong and he sent me for a sleep study. Turned out I had sleep apnea; I believe my number was 14 or so. Then another doctor suggested I have my tonsils removed and said that my tonsils were huge.  I was glad to hear this since it was never brought up previously and could possibly solve all my problems. So just about a year later from my last surgery, when I just turned 19, I had my tonsils removed. Everything seemed to go well and they sent me for another sleep study when I recovered to see if my sleep apnea was gone. The doctor told me that I didn’t have it anymore, that my numbers were low to none or something and I didn’t have it, yet I still felt like I was choking before going to sleep and had the same feeling throughout the day. I told him it feels like im snoring or have sleep apnea feeling while im awake. He said he didn’t see no reason for it and it could be anxiety (they all said that). Also, I apparently have pretty bad allergies mostly to outdoor things, pollen and stuff which I never really noticed affected me before except for cats. Well yeah at the time I had my tonsil surgery I was on allergy shots for a couple months and just found the right level I was supposed to be at. Well after all this I was still having problems but tried not to think about it as much. Shortly after though, I had complications with my insurance and I couldn’t pay for the allergy shots so I stopped going all of a sudden. I didn’t really see any difference I still felt pretty terrible all the time. I feel like my last surgery (tonsils) made me even worse. Now, a couple months later I still have the same feeling, tightness in my throat, choking, snoring while awake, stuffy nose/inflammation etc. Every night I dread going to sleep because I feel like I can’t breathe and im choking. I can never relax, I feel like I have to move my tongue or jaw to breathe and every breath is conscious. This causes me more anxiety than I already had and just makes everyday a living hell. I’ve never been the one to complain about anything ever in my life, but this is really affecting every aspect of my life no matter how much I try to ignore it. Looking into it I feel like I could benefit from some type of Somnoplasty or soft palate reduction but I see all the risks associated and the few people I’ve heard about have said it was actually helpful. Im 19, and always have lived a fairly normal energetiv lifestyle, I don’t want to have to use CPAP or depend on anything. I rather do something to try to correct this once and for all. I feel like I’m stuck right now, and im still working on getting back my insurance, but at the moment I just don’t know where to turn for help. I had to discontinue attending college, cant exercise and find it difficult to hold any job at all with all this going on. Everyone says they don’t see anything wrong and that’s great but I’m suffering through this everyday and I can barely think clearly at all anymore. If anyone has any answers or suggestions please reply, anything is appreciated!
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