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Can't breathe waking up at all

Okay, this has been going on for years. When I wake up in the morning:
1) My nose is clogged, like it feels 100% full of dried phlegm. Nothing will come out when I blow my nose.
2) I can feel phlegm in my throat, it kind of gives me a strange sore throat feeling. This is the LEAST irritating symptom. I just cough it up.
3) the worst thing; my eyes. It's like they don't want to open? They're burning and watery. They feel puffy, like they're bulging out of their sockets. I can't really see anything when I finally drag myself to the bathroom.

I got a ctscan for my ent, but wanted more than one opinion.

Things I have tried: nasal sprays (dymista, Ipratropium Bromide), singulair, sudafed, benedryl, various antibiotics.

My pcp said I had a sinus infection, but my ent says that's bs and I'm just overcongested. I just want my life back. I'd like to go to bed without fearing the awful feeling that morning brings.
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