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Cellulitis on ear lobe

I appear to have developed cellulitis on my ear lobe again. This will be the third or fourth time in a year or two. I havent been to the doctors with it yet, but the previous times have required treatment with antibiotics. This time the lump/swelling/redness is right where the bottom of the ear meets my neck. Previous times have been on the top of my ear where it meets my neck, and behind the ear lobe. All instances have been on my right ear. Why could this be happening over and over again? Just bad luck, or could there be an underlying condition?

Current conditions: post-viral fatigue, arthralgia, myalgia (parvovirus b19 infection spring 2010 and recent flare up), sinus tachycardia, livedo reticularis, recent bout of severe diarreah and hospitalization with dehydration.

29, female, wears earings.
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