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Chronic Growth on Tongue, Diarrhea and Elevated Heart Rate

A few years ago I had a bacterial infection which I had to take a lot of antibiotics for. I ended up developing a yeast infection that has been affecting my gut and mouth health.

About 3 months ago I went finished a long course of anti fungal medication which for the most part cleared up all the bad yeast but I still have digestion issues and there is still a grayish/white pasty growth on my tongue.

It is notably different from when there was an over growth of yeast in my system. Primary being that if I ate breads or sugars my digestion and tongue would flair up with really bad diarrhea and a much thicker paste on my tongue.

As of now my symptoms are similar but also different and its very confusing.

My ENT Doctor had a culture of my tongue done and no fungus growth was found. (this was a month ago)

While I was taking the anti fungal medication I ate a pretty clean keto diet, of mainly Chicken and Vegetables. Only now have started eating other food, like breads and dairy.

I should probably note that when I went back to eating carbs I had a big reaction. The first week was really bad I would wake up drenched in sweat and just overall felt terrible. I checked and my pulse was racing at a resting bpm of over 100 and it will stay there for 5+ hours sometimes the hold day. (I have continued to monitor this and if I eat a keto diet of just meat and vegetables I'm usually fine at around 70-85bpm but if I eat any breads, pastas or sugar my resting heart rate will be between 95-110bpm.

All of these things seem to be connected and I never had any of these issues before I took the antibiotics. I try and eat as clean as possible (I cook all my own food) and I have also been to a Dentist and had cleaning done along my own oral cleaning. I brush and clean my tongue 3 times a day and have been doing so for months. I've scrubbed my tongue so much it hurts and started bleeding a few times. (After doing this for over month I took a break for a few days and the growth just comes right back)

I have actively been trying to cure this issue for over a year now but nothing I do seems to work. (I will be following up with my doctors next month.)

General list of symptoms:
-Gray/white growth on Tongue
-Bad taste in mouth
-Diarrhea (2-3 times a day, better with probiotics but worse when eating carbs)
-High resting heart rate when eating carbs (95-105bpm)
-Night sweats
-Stomach cramps

Current Medications / Remedies
-Probiotics (Pills, Kefir and Sauerkraut)
-Multi Vitamin
-B Complete Complex
-Fish Oil

Thanks for reading, and I appreciate any input :)
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