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Chronic Post Nasal Drip, no medications work-- makes it worse.

Has anyone ever dealt with a chronic case of Post Nasal Drip?
I've had it since high school, and it started to really kick in around Junior year when that condition started to make my breath smell like ****, really ruined my confidence and self-esteem. I've talked to my ENT and doctor, both of them have no clue about my condition. Instead, my doctor told me to use a nasal irrigator and an antihistamine, both of which had no effect. Going to my ENT, he told me to continue the 'therapy' even though I had been doing this for a straight month. I'm honestly ******* bummed out because no one has an answer, no matter what I do, so much mucus trickles down my throat which in turn affects my breath.

About the medication:
I used claritin to help my condition (only makes it worse, my breath smells worse and my mucus thickens)
I used Neilmed Sinus Irrigator (clears up my nose, but does nothing as mucus eventually goes back and goes to my throat again)
Dymista (It really helps with the smell on my nose I receive after I wake up in the morning ((Every time I sleep and wake up, I have a weird smell inside my nose, it usually goes away when I blow it out))
Flonase (Gave me a headache, I stopped after a month of using)

Help me out here guys, I'm running out of options and what to do.
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