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Chronic Post Nasal Drip


I've had what the doctors call Post Nasal Drip constantly for the past 4 years and I'm trying to get it fixed as I'm wanting to join the military - as aircrew - and need to be in perfect health for my medical. As time is starting to run out I'm wanting to fix this asap.

My symptoms:

Nasal Congestion - switches between both nostrils but both nostrils not congested at the same time
Tight chest
Mucus running down the back of my throat
Wheeze in throat
Not seasonal, no itching, no allergy.
Not Asthma, Hayfever.
Gp does not see any nasal polyps
Tried syringe nasal irrigation - Lots of mucus but doesn't unblock my nose.
It started one day as I woke up, small wheeze, a bit of tightness. I used to smoke - for maybe 3 weeks and happened after a night I was doing it ( I no longer smoke and haven't for 4 years so far).
Referred to ENT but have not yet been for consultation.
Not a huge amount of pain - sometimes a bit sensitive when it's just unblocked with decongestants
Been on antibiotics  for other illnesses eg. Flu

The doctors have put me many different nasal sprays from Nasonx, 50ml of fluticasone and now on 400ml of Fluticasone ( Flixonase nasule drops). These do not work unfortunately and neither does anti histamines.

The only medication that unblocks my nose is  the "SUDAFED® Mucus Relief 0.1% Nasal Spray" with xylometazoline hydrochloride. However, Im aware you cannot keep taking this. Along with this, when I had this condition for about 7-8months I tried Actifed Multiaction tablets as I had a cold at that point too  which has triprolidine hydrochloride and pseudoephedrine hydrochloride. That worked but I stopped taking it as the packet ran out ( silly mistake).

So I'm wondering if anyone can help? The doctors said it was post nasal drip as the lining of my nose is irritated and nasal sprays should open it up but it hasnt, I have only ever had one sinus infection in the past year but I don't think my GP called it a sinus infection just the flu but I had orange mucus.
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Forgot to mention I get tinnitus sometimes too, especially when my nose is blocked.
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