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Chronic right sphenoid sinus infection...is surgery a must?

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting to this community.

I have had a chronic sphenoid sinus infection for over 2 years. 2 years since I had the CAT scan to confirm. So it could have been much longer than that.

I have been on different antibiotics almost constantly for all that time including doses of prednisone on and off and nasal washes.

I recently had a balloon sinuplasty surgery in my right sphenoid to open it and allow the infection to drain. That was September 25th. Unfortunately I was still experiencing an infection so I had a repeat CAT scan done about a week ago. It shows the infection is still there. Only the part that he opened has been cleared all the rest below that line is still full of infection. The doctor is dumbfounded. And so am I. I have to return in about a week and a half and he will decide whether he wants to do a more invasive surgery which will require me to be put under general anesthesia and be in the hospital. Whereas before it was awake in his office. I am nervous and don't know what I should do.

The doctor doesn't know for sure what is in there it could be polyps or infection. No biopsy was ever done. All my other sinuses are clear.

My question is....Does anyone know if it is an absolute must to clear out the infection and or polyps? If anyone knows of a solution that worked for them please feel free to share with me. Thank you for all your comments and responses.

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