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Chronic sinus congestion / pain / ear pressure pain

For the past 18 months i have suffered with chronic nasal congestion, clearly an infection due to the nasty stuff daily along with post-nasal drip which makes me feel like i'm choking at night. SO bad at times i cannot close my mouth at all. I had three months of steroids in the summer along with 3 courses of antibiotics which helped initially but the problem just came back. The congestion is better but does flare up on days. I also have asthma which makes things worse.
I was referred and seen by an ENT consultant who advised to Salt wash for 6 weeks and use steroid nasal spray. This helps but again as soon as stopped it came back. Next Followup told to use steroid spray for a further 3 months and have a CT in the meantime. Advised that two ops maybe required depending on the results. Also advised that a deviated septum could be making matters worse and causing me more problems breathing and sleeping (this would be one of those ops)
Today i had my followup but with a different doctor whom advised that my CT results show no signs of Sinusitis and basically discharged me unable to tell me what is going on. When asked about surgery he told me that it would be a waste of his and my time and wouldn't benefit me where the previous doctor seemed to think that this would help with my breathing.
So i am left with no answer or help moving forward to this problem. Two weeks ago i had another course of antibiotics from my GP due to the amount of nasty stuff going down the back of my throat and i felt like i had a heavy chest with it. The pressure and pain in my ear is worse than its been throughout and i dont know what to do. There is only so much salt flushing i can do! Any advise greatly received!
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If your doctor has diagnosed a bacterial infection, as indicated by the antibiotics, a Salt wash obviously doesn't work if the infection is in your upper sinuses, because gravity won't allow the salt water to get there.  The Friggy Sinus Flush uses gravity instead of fighting it.

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