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Coblation Tonsillectomy

I'm new here and this has likely been addressed already, so apologies upfront. I searched but didn't really see anything on it.

I'm 39 and will be getting a tonsillectomy in the next few weeks. This specific ENT does a coblation technique. This will be my first surgery I've ever had, so naturally I'm pretty apprehensive. I try to read anything and everything I can before I go into something new like this. However, everything I read is a horror story. Almost like the only people posting about their experiences are the ones that had a horrible experience.

I mean, I know this is going to hurt in the days after. I don't know. I guess I'm just wanting to read something that isn't a horror story.

Outside of that, I do have a few specific questions:

1. I'm single and live alone. My mom is going to come into town the day of surgery and stay a few days. Will I be able to function on my own after a few days?

2. I'm taking a full week off work (I'll probably work some from home), should that be enough?

3. How many days will I be without a voice?

4. I have a dog. After my mom leaves, will I be able to take her outside to use the bathroom?

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