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Constant Lightheadedness

Hello, so about a month ago I have been constantly lightheaded. Almost to the feeling of getting up too fast and that feeling stays. I always feel like this, I have tried meditating, yoga, I've tried to relax myself and get over it but nothing seems to work. About 4 months ago I did have a scare with potential STD's, I've been tested and everything has been negative, so I am not sure if I am sort of traumatized by that event, causing me to constantly feel like this? Not sure if anyone has experienced anything similar, please let me know. I've gone to the doctor a few times and thinks it is all anxiety related but I get annoyed because I feel like the doctor is just taking the easy way out and saying it is anxiety, who knows it could be. Thanks for your time.
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i have the same feeling also. As if I am drunk but I am not taking any alcohol. My doctor (ENT) prescribed me with antibiotics for 7 days. It is now my third day and hoping for a good result after 7 days.
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Hello Casper, what did he give you the antibiotics for what was his diagnostic?
hi shoob, he diagnosed me with otitis media. He said that my eardrum on the left is dull although he did not mentioned any fluids behind my eardrums. He gave me antibiotics and levoceterizine for allergy. Was it a good prognosis? I am still experiencing the same problem.
My doctor told me to try to eat better. Less red meat, less fast food and to try meditating. He still believes it may be anxiety related.
yeah mee too. BUt again, he prescribed me with nasal corticosteroid spray for 2 weeks. Lets see what happens after that.
No, it was not a good prognosis! I find you have to really do your home work before you go to these ENT'S! and know what kind of questions to ask,the ear drum is dull he said,did you ask why is that?
exactly ms. suzie. I did not even complained of pain and hearing loss or if there were any discharges. He just told me that I had dull eardrums so an antibiotic was necessary in which it was unsuccessful. so now, another treatment was made and I have to wait for another 2 weeks for me to see him. Darn, I am really suffering right now.
exactly ms. suzie. I did not even complained of pain and hearing loss or if there were any discharges. He just told me that I had dull eardrums so an antibiotic was necessary in which it was unsuccessful. so now, another treatment was made and I have to wait for another 2 weeks for me to see him. Darn, I am really suffering right now.
So I’ve had the lightheadness for 2 months now. No results. I got a concussion a month ago so I know that didn’t help me but I was light headed before that. I’ve seen posts about ginkgo B it’s suppose to help with circultion and airflow to the brain ears etc lots of good reviews so I may give it a try.
Well, we do live and learn and even if we do ask question we sometimes get looks from the ENT like never heard of that one before ha Your ears can really effect lots of things in your body,I learned so much about ears that I didn't even want to know. I know that when I was getting ready to have the ear tubes put in,the nurse on duty said (I had to look at your age 3 times because we never had put tubes in ears with someone your age) I knew then I was in trouble!
oh sorry  to hear that. Thats why I really need to do my research first also. I dont know what else I  need to do. If it is because of my asthma and nasal congestions, I hope this treatment works. (Fingers Cross). Despite all of this sufferings, I just want to greet you all Merry Christmas! Enjoy the rest of your holiday :)
Any update from either of you? My current status is I have been on amoxicillin for 7 days for a potential sinus infection. I still have the lightheadness/dizziness. I am starting to believe more and more it is all anxiety related and I am working myself up. I have been so focused on googling brain tumors brain cancer symptoms and aside from the lightheadedness I have nothing, no headaches, seizures, nausea/vomiting (which are the main ones). I have read online that people have been taking a vitamin B supplement, ginkgo B and others to help with anxiety and lightheadedness. I started taking the ginkgo because I saw really good reviews for that so wanted to give it a try. It said the ginkgo doesn’t work right away and to give it around a month to see if it helps, so I am really hopeful for that. I have been on it for around a week I think. Hoping either of you have found a better solution or are at least feeling better.
hello shoob. I went to a specialist again and he said that there is nothing wrong with my ear. He did some test like balance, point finger test, and the like. He prescribed me with sybelium for 7 days (calcium channel blockers that treats vertigo and inner ear problem). it has been 4 days and still doesnt affect me at all. I will just wait for 7 days and he said that I need to see a neurologist. Maybe it is anxiety or stress related. I really wanted to be diagnosed correctly.
Please keep me updated. I had a full CBC blood panel done, uranalysis done, thyroid etc and everything came back fine. I had some high sugar and blood pressure but that was it. I haven’t got an MRI or CT yet. I don’t have any bad headaches, blurred vision or anything like that if I did I’d be worried about some type of brain tumor(deep down I’m worried but that’s just my anxiety speaking lol). Please keeep me updated on your status. I am trying to eat better and I am going to try to stop alcoholic drinks for a bit too.
yes i will let you know about my treatments as well. still considering to visit neurologist/psychiatrist.
How long has it been since you have been like this? Is it still all the time? I've been like this since around October 15th or so. No fever, cbc all good, nothing really different about myself either. Just had my traumatic scare like 5 months ago or so. I remember this feeling a month or so after my scare and it stayed for a few weeks but eventually went away, probably because I was so focused on other things and symptoms. Now that I have ruled out every symptom this is the only one that remains and I focus on it like 24/7 lol.
Its started 2nd week of November when I commenced on Nasal irrigation to treat my sinusitis. I thought it was just a part of my sinus symptoms, however, it persist until now. Last time I suffered from ear fullness (or ticking sound on swallowing) as if some fluids were stuck in my ear, however, it was ruled out by ENT doctor. Now, I dont know the cause of it.
I've read so much and people just say it's anxiety. Any major problems you would be very off balanced, blurred vision, numbness, can't see etc. For me it's more of a space out drunk feeling, like I'm not dizzy, nothing is spinning, I don't feel like I am going to faint. I operate just normal, I eat just fine, go about my day mostly fine. I take my blood pressure a lot. Only thing I haven't done yet is get an MRI/CT, see an ENT or Neurologist. I am going to stop drinking beer, eat healthy and see if that helps. I had this once before back in September for a few weeks and it eventually went away but I didn't focus on it so much like I am now.
we have the same problem shoob. almost exactly the same. I asked my fellow colleagues and they said that nortriptyline really helps. I am planning to visit a psychiatrist soon if this is caused by anxiety.
Keep me updated please. If I ever figure my situation out, I will update.
I have a neurologist appointment and eye doctor appointment in the next few weeks.
Just an update:

Went to the eye doctor, I have been using the same prescription glasses for the last 7 years and my new ones were very different and off from my old one. Eye doctor said that will help w/ headaches and eye spasms, which could be contributing to my constant lightheaded/dazed feeling.

Went to the neurologist yesterday, they did a motion exam, touch exam, eye movement exam and a sense test. All was good except for my eye test, they said that when I moved my eyes left and right they could see something/twitching with one of my eyes. They diagnosed me with an ear disorder. I am going back in a few weeks for an EEG test and then after that they will decide what medication to put me on to help fix this problem. So hopefully that is what I have an eventually it goes away lol. Said no way I have a brain tumor or anything really serious or else the exams they gave me I would have done bad with most of them. Hope this helps.
I have inner ear issues that can lead to dizziness and it is a pain.  Mine has gotten significantly better though and I only now have rare bouts of issues with it.  I didn't take medication other than when it flairs I take an antihistamine.  What is the nature of your ear issues?  Are you diagnosed with something in particular?  Reverse ear pops helped me a lot which means to hold your nose and blow.  Over and over.  It pops your ears.  But I don't know what ear issue you have.  

And the eye issue also makes perfect sense.  

So, hopefully you are on your way to getting past this!
I believe it was called a Vestibular Neuronitis ear disorder.
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