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Constant Lump in Throat: Need Help Before Plane Ride


for the past couple of days, I've had a constant feeling of something stuck in my throat. It started out only on the left side, and it felt like a sharp little something was just poking into my throat at the adam's apple area. Incredibly irritating. Doc put me on Prevacid, and Gaviscon, which hasn''t kicked in yet, since it's only been a couple of days. Now, I feel like there's constantly something "lump-like" just stuck in my throat constantly. I can still swallow food and drink okay, but I'm worried about what's going on. It is also much more dry than usual. It feels very dry. I normally have a lot of post-nasal drainage, but now, I'm not having any!! Could the Gaviscon be clearing it up? My throat doesn''t hurt, just makes me feel like I'm choking sometimes... I leave Saturday to return home, but I want to figure out what it is before I leave... Please,please let me know!! thanks!!
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i too have that problem. sensation of something stuck in my throat. it did it mostly after i would take one of my small pills. at first i thought the pill was stuck. it got so irritating that i would even try to gag it up. no success. i had every test that you could have. even went to an throat clinic. my dr finally decided it was acid reflux. i disagreed. anyway shortly after, i started getting white spots on my tonsils, tonsil stones. i don't know if it's related. another dr said it could be from stress. i didn't believe that either. but sure enough i did some research and that was true. my dr put me on an anti-depressant. it actually went away! if you do have any stress in your life, you might want your dr to try that. hope it ends soon. good luck, terriemae
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