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Constant bad smell in nose

I have a persistent and worsening condition - a putrid chemically smell in my nostril. I read something here about this condition. It's called a cyclic smell distortion. People with this condition smell unpleasant odors that seem to switch on and switch off throughout the day, though mine is present now constantly ... except first thing in the morning for about an 45 minutes.

I have had chest c-rays,  MRIs, CAT scans, sinus rinses, antibiotics, antifungals, acupuncture ... you name it. All tests clear, nothing helps. I get temporary relief by pinching on my nose for a few seconds.

I have 3 ENT doctors - they are baffled. Note: I do not have a diminished sense of smell or taste ... yet. It's just a constant bad smell.

I have excerpted what I read from a prior post in this forum. Cyclic smell distortions do not happen in your nose. You actually have a sensory seizure disorder, which is caused by a slight chemical imbalance in your brain. Unlike motor seizures, sensory seizures are partial seizures and they don’t manifest in a loss of motor control. Instead they affect how people perceive sounds or images, or in my case, smells. These seizures are activated when you stimulate the nerves in your nose by laughing or talking. Of course this may just be a theory as other clinics have not necessarily agreed and believe there is olfactory damaged that should be diagnosed and treated.

If this condition goes untreated it will often get worse and worse, until the smell is unremitting, so it’s really serious.  It is also extremely rare and there’s a doctor who will recognize it since he was the one who identified it.  He’s  found a means to control this disorder, so he claims. He’s a specialist named Doctor Henkin and he’s the head of The Taste and Smell Clinic in Washington DC.

I called and spoke to someone. They asked me questions in 10 minutes that none of my ENT doctors have ever asked, so I was relieved to find someone that was not baffled. Unfortunately the cost for treatment is $4100 and they don't accept insurance. That's a lot to pay if they don't guarantee a cure. But I'm considering doing it because this condition can truly be unbearable.
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Hi, agree with you sometimes altered sensory perceptions can be due to seizure disorders. Before you accept this therapy, you can have an EEG done, as this can pick up seizure activity. Please discuss this with your doctor am sure he will provide further assistance. Regards.
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