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Constant pressure & vibration in ears

I woke up 4 days ago with a very intense buzzing/vibration sound in my ears. All noises seem to be extra loud & cause a lot of pressure & vibration throughout my ears. The pressure is constant. (More on the right side) I went to the ER & was told that I had some fluid in my ears from my sinus's. Have been on Sudafed, Benadryl, & Ibuprofen round the clock for 3 days. It doesn't seem to be doing much good at all. Can a small amount of fluid really cause this much problems? Now I am starting to get a really stiff & sore neck...could this be from something other than fluid?
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Instead of going to the ER I would visit your regular family doctor. They would be able to tell you more than the ER and if needed they would be able to recommend you to an ENT specialist.
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You should probably see your primary care physician or and ENT for an accurate diagnosis, but fluid in the ears can cause some strange things.  I would also recommend that you try some Afrin twice a day for THREE days.  DO NOT exceed three days or you can have rebound congestion (basically be adicted to Afrin).  You can do a three day rotation - three days using Afrin and three days not using Afrin.  This will help sinus congestion and will also help with the inflamation and swelling of the eustacian tubes so that they can open and let the fluid drain.

I have been dealing with eustacian tube issues for several months, and the sounds are annoying to say the least.

Feel better.
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