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Constant throat clog feeling

I am 23 years old and as of recently, I've had this sudden feeling in the chest/throat area that makes me have to constantly clear my throat like every minute of the day. My upper chest also feels slightly tight.  It's kind of aggravating and it is starting to worry me. It doesn't hurt or anything and I can swallow just fine. It started weeks ago off and on but now it seems like it's constant all of a sudden. When I wake up, I spit out yellow globs of mucus when I brush my teeth and the throat/chest clog feeling seems fine  but as the day progresses and I eat, it gets worse. I just hope it Isn't anything serious like my biggest fear cancer or something. Keep in mind that I also have other problems such as a deviated septum which causes me to barely breathe through the nose. I also believe that one of my wisdom teeth are coming in and there might be some kind of infection behind the molar. I also have a slightly blocked salivary gland on the floor of the mouth. There has also been an enlarged lymph node in my neck for many months now. It gradually rises and shrinks. Could any of these be any factor for the cause of this? Was looking to get some knowledge and advice from people that may be experiencing the same. Any ideas of what can be causing all this?
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