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Could I have damaged my ear from this?

Hi all. I wasn't sure where to post this but thought I'd start here. So, I'm a 16 year old with severe anxiety - particularly regarding health (hypochondria), and I often suffer panic attacks and get very angry. I had one of these anger moments 2 days ago, as I was angry about some hypercausis I've been experiencing (believed to be caused by stress). Before I go into detail my ears were thoroughly checked this February due to other concerns and as of then, I have no hearing loss or any damage anywhere. Anyway...

During this outburst of anger, I stomped my right foot on my bedroom floor fairly hard. This isn't the first time. I lay in bed feeling exhausted of stress afterwards (also it was quite late), to realise a new tinnitus in my right ear. My anxiety quickly made the link between stomping with my right foot and the ringing in my right ear, and now I'm convinced that I causes some kind of trauma to my ear my stomping on the ground. I also feel as though I hear blood moving in that ear now, and it feels slightly more heavy. I've had a lot of experience with tinnitus, but this time it's a low pitched droning sound. I recognise the sound because I've had the same in the left, also after a moment of stress and anger. This time it's quite bad and hasn't gone after 2 days.

Am I overreacting by thinking I caused some kind of trauma, or could I have actually damaged my ear from stomping. Again I feel some pressure in there, like blood moving, along with this low pitched whining kind of sound. Please help me because coming to forums is not something I do unless times like this happen, when I feel so down that I need suggestions. Thank you for any responses.
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Can anyone please answer I'm starting to worry that I burst some blood vessel.
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