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I went to the doctor a few months ago due to my nose is crooked on the one side and looks what appears to be a deviated septum. This has been crooked for a while however I am only just experiencing symptoms such as not being able to breathe through my nose at all. When I breathe through my nose it makes a snorting noise and feels like there is a lot of phlegm stuck in my throat. I cannot really taste/smell much. I went to see an ENT specialist who gave me nose spray for another 3 months to use and told me if this doesn't help I would need my adanoids (I think that is what they are called) taken out. I am 99% I need deviated septum surgery but no one is really helping me and I am getting upset it is taking so long to help me breathe and sort out my crooked nose which I am pretty sure is the problem.

Has anyone been through similar before and can offer advice???
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