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Daughter has a Lump on her neck.

My daughter has a lump on her neck.It is on the left side and about 2 1/2 inches down from her jaw line.You can only see it if she looks up.And you can't even fell it if she's not looking up.She has know other symptoms other than her having a cold right now.But it was there about one week before she got sick.Sometimes you can see it better than other times.I just want to make sure that it's not cancerous or anything.Please let me know what you think.
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hey -- my guess is that it's a swollen gland in her neck.. especially if she has a cold. These glands (or lymph nodes) enlarge when fighting infection in the body. They produce lymph with travels through your body in the lymph system and filter out impurites from the body... They are in other places in your body as well, such as armpits -- when I'm sick my armits sometimes hurt from the swollen glands...

If it doesn't go down after a few days, you should definitely have it checked by your pediatrician!

good luck
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The lump on her neck seems to be getting a little bit smaller.And now you can only see it sometimes when she looks up.And she has still not had any symptoms.She is very active and is never still.Could she have a ear infection that might be causing that.But her ear hasn't bothered her but last week she did have a little drainage in the ear on the same side.Now the lump feels like it is about the size of a Pinto bean.Thank you for your help.
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I do not think a ear infection could cause that. My sister used to get bumps on her jaw line and a little below. I forget what they are called now but the doctor said they were normal. My son gets them behind his ears. Now I will be trying to think of the name all night now. O well, if I think of it I will post agian.
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