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Diagnosed with Mastioditis; Could it be CSF?

I am not sure where to turn at this point. Where I reside has very limited medical care and lack of knowledge.

10yr Old Diagnosed with Mastioditis when all symptoms and mainland doctors indicate possible CSF.

How much fluid is typical to loose with a Mastiod infection? And would it be clear? Could he have had this infection with very little ear pain?

Below is a short hand descriptive timeline of symptoms/events.

*Wed evening- Knot in back neck/head- hit in head with rock. He didnt tell me where the bump came from (didnt want to get friend in trouble) until the doctor asked him if he has been hit in the head, just continuously complained about this knot (I kept trying to massage out) and his head pounding.

*Thursday- Blood Shot eyes
*Fever- thursday night went from being 100%- horrible headache and burning up

* Friday- nausea- morning around 5am started throwing up- still having headaches, and now fatigue, double/blurred vision, pale/blotchy skin. couldn't eat until the evening. Held the food down. Fever gone. Woke up throwing up Saturday feeling queezy- vomited once  .
one week later, still lack of appetite but is eating small amounts. Still queezy- vomited again Tuesday afternoon.

*Shingles- Saturday- small patch on his neck (has had outbreaks, about once a year, since 1yr-chicken pox shot)

*Sunday- Rash- Sore like- in nose and around nose/mouth.

*Monday- Thought he was getting better

*Tuesday felt pressure/slight pain in his ear- No redness soreness or inflammation

*Wed- a decent amount of clear fluid on pillow in a.m and continuously drained all day. I found out when he came home in the late afternoon- er immediately. left at 9pm. Eardrum rupture- had to insist a CT and mastoid infection was found. Prescribed antibiotic and ear drops.
Went home- pharmacies closed. Spoke to his primary on mainland. Ear draining in abundance back to the emergency room at 11:30pm to ask to test fluid.

* 2am was advised they don't know the best way to test for glucose in fluid. Waiting for a call back. Advised that even if it is csf it could be a false positive due to microscopic blood in the fluid, they also wouldn't know where to begin to treat csf.

* By now fluid drainage has slowed down tremendously and is only leaving grapefruit size wet marks per 30 min-hour and has begun to turn a tint of yellow.

*2:30am advised with the amount of fluid draining, the infection and size of the rupture, an ent specialist from Oahu needs to be seen for further tests. Setting him up a bed, and begin antibiotics in an IV until Sunday

Friday- test gunk in his ear to send to Oahu.

Sunday Home from hospital but we need to fly out to see specialist this week but the doubt CSF and are insisting it is for the repair of his eardrum.  

What are your thoughts?

*I will be away from my computer today with limited service. Will try to check in. Otherwise, will be back this evening to answer any questions, give more detail, and read replies.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.
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