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Difficulty Swallowing

Hello everybody. I need some help with my throat problem. It started yesterday with a little feeling of bump on my left side of the throat. Now when I woke up it feels like a freaking fork is stuck on the left side of my throat. I can't hardly swallow and when I do it feels like somebody is stabbing me hard on my throat. Worse is the fact that I think it has crept down even further my throat and my chest heavier then it has ever been. I can only tolerate soup and nothing else. I am trying not to talk as much either because that makes it painful also. Call me crazy but due the economic crisis I don't have even enough money to pay for my copay to see the doctor. I am struggling to even pay for my father's cancer meds. So I was wondering if there were any home remedies I could do to relieve this problem or is it more serious than I think? Thanks to anybody that responds :).
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Do you have any indigestion or heartburn? Any other symptoms going on in your mouth? I had a sore throat for a couple months and a feeling of a lump in my throat with difficulty swallowing. Turned out to be acid reflux. Not sure if that's what you have, but thought I'd mention.
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I don't suffer from any GERD or any other indigestion. I woke up this morning and it's still here but WORSE!! Now my left ear feels full and soup is more difficult to swallow than it was yesterday..Ahh... Are there any really good Over the Counter Medicine I can buy to relieve this pain? I've tried gargling salt and listerine but none of that work! Please help somebody?!
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I actually think I second the person mentioning the heartburn...believe it or not, you can still have symptoms of heartburn without the classic "burn". Especially if you have excess stress (which it sounds like you do)...your stomach produces excess acids...and bingo, you can have problems. I would try taking some Mylanta...it's very soothing on the throat, and the stomach/chest area. Swelling in your esophogus can lead to all of the symptoms you're describing...and the mylanta would help calm that. It's definitely worth a shot!

Best of luck!
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