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Dizziness/Off Balance Feeling

I have had symptoms of anxiety. For the past few months. But, I also have dizziness. The dizziness happens at different times of the day, even with out the panic attacks. Sometimes I could be doing nothing at all. I could be laying down, trying to relax and I get dizzy. I have had lots of blood work done for anemia, blood counts, TSH- all normal. Except the iron was slightly low. I have had that for the past 3 years and never had dizziness because of it. Could this be from my ears. A few weeks ago I was putting in some Chistmas lights and as I came up I felt like I was going to loose my balance. It scared me so much.At times I feel dizzy while I am laying down, and that scares me.  I even went to the ER, they did a CT scan, and sent me home with a patch behind my ear. Could it be my ears. I have ringing in my ears every few days, left and right. I don't have alergies though.A few weeks ago my ears kept popping. Then it stopped. I had a anxiety attack a few weeks ago and the dizziness stopped for a few days, but came back. I also have warm fuzzy sensations in my head, like it tingles, from time to time. I am going to the DR in a couple of weeks for a check up. What should I ask him to check next, this dizziness is controlling my life, I feel like I am going to pass out all the time. I am scared to be alone if I do pass out because all my kids are under 5 yrs old. What should my next step be, maybe a ENT? Thank you.
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What was the patch for?  Look at the paperwork the hospital gave you.  Could be meneirs(sp?) disease or middle ear infection.  Could be blood pressure problems.  Do you have any other symtoms that you don't think are related?  The more you can tell us the more suggestions we can come up with.
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Thank you for the quick reply. The patch was Transderm SCOP-Patch, but he only gave 3, and said it was for short term use. That was the ER Doctor. He also gave me meclizine, but since the anxiety attack at the DR.s office, I was given ATIVAN, so I only take the ATIVAN when I have panic attacks. That is what the doctor told me to do.Which has only been 3 times, So I haven't used the patch anymore. While using the patch, I still felt the dizziness.I felt like i was about to loose my balance, but didn't. Even my feet and toes would curl and tingle like they new they were going to loose there balance but didn't. It was weird.I have however, been taking daily vitamin supplements and eating better, and taking my iron. It has been 3 weeks. But the dizziness is still persistent. Thats why I think it could be my inner ears. I know that with the anxiety comes dizziness, but the dizziness come with out the anxiety. The dizziness started well before the panic attacks. I also want to mention the the DR. said I have gallstones, but they would just monitor these, and that they didn't have anything to do with the anxiety and dizziness.  I have lost alot of weight about 30lbs, through this whole deal, which is great but unusual for me, and I am still losing my hair, but i am blaming this on my pregnancy-postpardum. Could it be my ears, maybe and inner ear infection or something. My doctor told me in August I had a small bit of fluid in my ears, but never said anything about it again. Could this be something they might have missed? Or is this something completely different, like my hormones? I am so lost. But the dizziness has got to be from something, It is driving me crazy. Thanks so much for any advice.
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Also,I forgot to mention, blood pressure is good,and the doc did a EKG, said heart looks good, palpataions, thats why I was diagnoised with anxiety, but good since then. Every time I have been back to the doctor my blood pressure has been normal, heart beats at about 60/bpm, give or take.
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I hate to ask, but did the ER doc. even look into your ears(really good)? Do you have fevers at all?  It really does sound like ear infection; you can have infection with & without fever.  Have you tried any ear cleaning kits for wax build-up)  You could try putting just a tiny bit (2,3 drops) a rubbing alcohol in each ear to dry up any water that maybe there. It will hurt a bit. Then do the same with peroxide, you'll hear it bubbling.  Don't use cotton swabs in your ears. But the best advise I have is see an ENT doctor. Or a regular doc. that takes time to search every turn and curve of your ears. If nothing is found, maybe see a neurologist?
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It sure does sound like an inner ear thing to me.  I have similar problems for the past year.  I get dizzy, but for the most part is is kind of a spacey feeling, like I am there, but not really there.  Since this has began, I have had anxiety and the panic feeling from time to time, but according to the neurologist, this is part of the parcel that comes with an inner ear thing.  Along with the spacey feeling, I get an upset stomach, and there are times when I wake up I feel like I am hungover. Some vision problems, loud noises drive me crazy ( I have a 15 year old that likes the new "screamer music" - oh yeah!! Headaches, and fatigue. The neurologist confirmed all of these symptoms as that of an inner ear disorder.  He asked me if I had had surgery lately, which I did (gall bladder) - which he explained can cause inner ear disorder..(I did not ask why, and wish that I had, as I certainly do not see the connection).

He thinks that I might have BPPV.  Look this up on the web, and you will get a good exlanation as to what it is.  Also you will find a couple of exersises that can be done at home to help leviate the problem.  They have helped - however with BPPV you get a spinning feeling, not just dizziness, and it usually occurs when you lay down - both of which is not the case for me.  with this, I am now scheduled to see an ear specialist to narrow down what is going on.

The neuroligist also put me on Ativan - one to slow down the anxiety caused by the disorder, and also, this type of drug slows down the nervous system, and also desenstizes the nerves in the inner ear, reducing symptoms - I agree, it does.

Hope this helps, kinda scary stuff for sure,
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Thank you for the comment.I am on Ativan also for anxiety, but I only use it when I feel anxious. Which is all the time, but have only used the medicine 3 times. I hope to see an ear specialist soon too. I have gall stones, but the two are not linked, from what the doctor says. I did however just have a baby which was surgery. There maybe something to that. But thanks, and I hope you and I feel better soon. I can't wait to feel normal again,whatever that is, Right? Thanks again.
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