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Do I have oral thrush?

Hi Doctor,
I was in brazil last month and had sex with 4 prostitutes on May 12,14 and 24.

I used protection all of those time, and after removing, checked for any tears too, and found none, no slippage as well.

1 week after sex, I had this weird tingling sensation in my throat and my tongue became white brushy in texture starting from June 1.

I immediately saw a doctor who said its just an infection and gave me Hexamedine oral spray.

I got tested on June 3(7 days after the last sex encounter and 18 days the first sex encounter).

All that exists in STD, from gonoreha to HIV 1/2, and used the 4th gen test methods. Everything was negative.

I was not satisfied with my throat condition, so I saw another doctor(General Physician), he noticed white discoloration on the back sideways of tongue and said it was tonsillitis, and said I was not drinking enough water.

I am a 27 yr old man, now I am not sure whether there are tonsil issues at my age. He did a H Pylori test on June 10, that was negative.

As of now that white tongue issue still exists, with paritod/tonsils little swallon exactly under and side of the ears, no pain, no fever, slight flu and no other gland swallon, just dry throat(It feels like sand at the back) and tongue.

I am not sure whether, this is a cause of worry for me, I did had oral sex, licked the Vagina, but the girls looked clean.

My question is should i be worried about my throat issue, or its just another normal/regular infection, because the timing of the infection seems to be off and I am worried that this might be oral thrush or soemthing like that.

June 24:

I visited the doctor today for the throat issue and the swollen lump, infront of my right ear, he confirmed it was a swollen lymph node, he assured me it wasn't related but when I told him about the 4 prostitutes and me licking their vagina, he was concerned, he said that its rare but its not like that it can never happen. I got a panic attack right then. But he told me that symptom like swollen nodes take years, at least 6 months to appear and there should be other  signs too such as mouth sores, rashes, fever and cold(I do have a slight flu/cold that he admitted), but nothing else.

He was saying that its probably allergy but his facial expression were clearly stressed and concerned, I could see that he was himself very suspicious. Now when I asked him to check rest of my nodes, he went through the entire neck, everything else (Other lymph nodes) were normal. After that when he saw that I was very worked up, he gave me an injection of Steroid to bring down the allergy, so that I don't feel stressed anymore.

I requested a full STD panel, he took all the samples and told that at 4 weeks (May 25 - June 24) the results are 90% conclusive, but suggested another test after 6 months.

Question: What could cause isolated swollen lymph node with sore throat and slight cold, no fever, no body ache, no rash? Do I need to worry?

Problem: I am an indian by ethnicity and came to US just last year, my immune system considering indian standards is very good, I never had any allergies in life, certainly not a one with one swollen lymph node. And I would forget all that, just that timing is so off. Its just keeping me from sleeping in night.
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