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Doctor's can't figure out ear problem

So I've been having issues with my ear since I went swimming one day and heard a weird pop like thing? It happened in April of last year, and no matter what I do it doesn't go away. I've expressed this to the doctors, but they all say there's nothing wrong. It starts like a sharp pain like around the jaw line, and at it's worst points it feels swollen, my throat is sore on the right side, and I can't hear right in that right ear. I've been to the immediate care center multiple times, they gave me drops for an ear infection or they just said there's nothing wrong. Went to the dentist, thinking maybe it's a cavity, that comes back negative, but he thought it was an infection in a small bone below the ear or something and gave me medication for it. Turned out negative, went to my physician, they sent me to an allergist. They say everything seems normal. The only thing that seemed to work for a while is taking allergy medicine because one of the immediate care center doctors said there was a bit of fluid back in September. Since then, it comes and goes but never how it was. Now as of 2 days, it's back and taking the allergy meds isn't working anymore. What do I do?
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Sorry to hear about this.  So, I have Eustachian tube dysfunction.  I pop my ears in reverse (hold nose and blow) and it helps.  But not sure if this is your issue.  Since antihistamine or allergy medicine helps, why not take it for a prolonged period?  My youngest son takes allergy medication year round. This is simple over the counter allergy medication and it has no down side to taking it year round.  So, I'd stay on it if it helps.  

Oh, wait.  I see it isn't working.  So, there is medical specialty called Ear Nose and Throat doctor. This may be the best type of doctor to see.  Do you have those near you?
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