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Dry nasal passage, hard to breath thru nose.

Hey, how is everyone doing?

I have had problems breathing thru my nose for along time, it is driving me mad. Mostly it is one nostril that is useless, then it will switch up. When I was younger I had problems with my nose, so I picked at it and looked in the mirror to see semi large white knot, bubble thing inside both nostrils... Appear to be polyops from pics online. They are also very dry and have a burning sensation. Also have a pain like pressure on nose, in eyes, forehead and sides of head. Couple days ago my glands under jaw were sore with sore ears. I have been to GP who just gave me some nasal spray that didnt really help just had a bad taste if it went down throat.

Can I just ask to see a ENT? Because she didnt seem too worried about finding the problem. She never even looked in my nose... Didnt do anything but give me nasal spray. Sorry for the rant, but I'm sick of the pain, pressure and trouble breathing.

Also can the trouble with breathing effect the brain?
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