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Dry throat and GERD

Yeah, this is kinda weird.  I woke up in the middle of the night with my throat feeling very dry, like it had no moisture
at all. Its felt so weird, I drank water but it only made me feel a little better. Then all day today I was fine.

Then, about a hour ago I started feeling the back (very back) of my throat dry and no matter how much water I drank it felt the same, it feels dryer on the left side. I feel like its my vocal cords thats how far back it is.  It is such a weird feeling. I also have GERD I take nexium for it.  I also have been really nauseated.

A few days ago I had cereal for breakfast and all day I felt like the cereal particles were still in the far back of my throat so I kept clearing it. I know strange stuff hapens with gerd but this very weird throat dryness is weird, it feels like im not going to have enough saliva to swallow. Anyone know what this is?
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GERD often dries out the throat and creates thick phlegm.  A doctor from the UK says to try Gaviscon (Liquid only) which does not dry throat.
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