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Ear Drum Hole


My name is Rajalakshmi, I suffered a pain in the Ear for the past 4 years, in the winter season or rainy season sometimes the ear becomes very pain , swelling and some discharge of water and puzz come from ear. I went to ent doctor and he suggest for operation in the last year. But i didn't go to the doctor again.  Again last week i felt a lot of pain in my ear i went to one ENT Surgeon and test my ears some cold infection is affect in left ear and he given a medisans. Then he suggest one Audiogram test , i taken that test and they said that operation have to made in the right ear. For this can I go for operation? please give me a suggestion?
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   Do you have a hearing loss?

   Seems Dr. could have tried an antibiotic before considering surgery so quickly.

   What kind of an operation, and where in the ear?

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I don't have a hearing loss, Dr. had given a antibiotic for my left ear. Because a civire cold is affected in my left ear. for that only he given a antibiotic. He suggest for opearation in the right ear
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Hi Raj,

Why did they say you needed it in your right ear? What did the audiogram show?

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Because hole in the right ear is bigger than left ear. The audiogram shows moderate hearing loss in the right ear.

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