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Ear Ringing

Hello, I'm 17 years old and about two nights ago it sounded like I was hearing a high pitch ringing while trying to sleep, during the day I can't really hear anything except if I'm in a really quite room or press my fingers into my ears. It sounds like the ringing may be more amplified on my right ear, I have been having bad health anxiety recently do to issues with my tonsils, I was diagnosed with chronic tonsillitis and my ENT wants my tonsils removed. Also the night the ringing started I was taking Benadryl so I don't know if that could be a cause of the ringing, or my anxiety, I also have minor allergies. I don't really listen to music at high volumes or anything for that matter. I did a bunch of research on google about ear ringing and I see all these horrible stories about tinnitus and how it can put such a big impact on someones life. I'm just so worried, like I said it's really not bad at all during the day it's almost like it's not there, it seems like only at night when I cover my ear on a pillow or something I can hear it the most. Thank you.
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