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Ear blocked, reduced hearing.

Hi there,

My right ear has had reduced hearing for quite a while now. It feels slightly blocked.

I have used ear wax drops and olive oil, they did not help the problem.

However i recently went on a flight, and at the high altitude the ear suddenly popped open and my hearing was perfect again!

I've tried some the methods which supposedly help with the pressure problem but they haven't worked. I've not heard of someones hearing opening when at a high altitude so i'm not sure what the problem is.

Please share your opinion and thank you.
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There are many causes of ear blockage like wax buildup, air flow blockage to the Eustachian tubes, pressure differences in the middle ear, colds and sinus illness etc.Treatment of each of this condition varies. An ear examination is important for determining the correct cause of your symptoms. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause. Consult an ENT specialist and keep me posted.
Best luck and regards!

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