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Ear pain/pressure lasted over a year accomp: dizziness and vertigo, bloody nose.

38yo male with diagnosed hearing loss on right side. I workout often, no high blood pressure etc. In middle 2017 I had what I now know as a vertigo episode. It put me on the floor it was so bad. I had another one a few months later. This was summertime, so no true infection or anything that showed up. I consistently have ear pressure (fullness) that never seems to go away, it's always faint. I have had tempanogram and hearing tests, which showed hearing loss. I have tinnitus in that ear daily, it never goes away. I have had CT scan which one doctor stated nasal polyps yet the ENT I saw said he didn't see them. They stated the bone area above my right eye (which I guess should be hollow) was actually never open when I was a kid, so it's solid (at least that's what I was told). I have had episodes of vertigo that lasted days (April 2018 and again May 2018). So severe that I vomited and couldn't even get up to the toilet (like a very severe drunk episode). I have been prescribed multiple rounds of antibiotics, Flonase, afrin, netipot (nasal rinses). the episodes (over days period) go in this sequence: Bloody nose (consistent discharge of blood when blowing after a shower, ear and sinus pressure build, "medicine head" feeling comes on, dizziness appears a few days later along with consistent pressure in the head, feeling of drainage in the throat (pressure is still there during all this) pressure can't be cleared either using the Valsalva method or really anything, pressure starts to go away, a massive headache ensues for another few days and then all is well. Cycles can last anywhere from 10-30 days; rinse and repeat....so over it. I have done the Flonase on a daily basis, which "should" prevent the build up at least I'm told. Sudafed never helps. Initially the ENT stated maybe Meniere's disease however without the vertigo he says most likely not, yet I do have all the symptoms of Menieres' just maybe I don't recognize true Vertigo? I was sent to a Neruo doc because ENT finally stated Migraine as the cause so Neuro ordered total MRI of neck up (no results yet). He also ruled out migraine stating my symptoms were not those of a migraine. Any guidance or ideas is appreciated. I feel ear tubes in my right ear with solve the issue. Is it ETD? Meniere's? Chronic Sinusitis? I've also had a general allergy test, which was negative across the board, however I did get allergy shots as a child.
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Argh.  I really feel for you.  I also had severe vertigo on and off for a two year period with one year being particularly bad.  And now jut have the occasional episode but when it hits, oh my.  It's debilitating. I can do nothing.  I have the ear fullness, the strange inability to hear (out of one ear particularly--  I hear but it is tones are off or sounds like things are far away) and dizziness like the room is spinning.  I'm nauseated and vomit from this as well.  I am forced to lay still with my eyes shut which really does not work for my lifestyle!  

My issue was likely brought on by inner ear dysfunction or Eustachian tube dysfunction. An ENT helped me learn the method of holding my nose and blowing to do reverse ear pops.  I do it over and over during an episode and it definitely helps.  The medications that are supposed to help are a simple antihistamine (I take claritan over the counter---  the grocery store I frequents brand of it actually), ibuprophen, and sparingly, pseudophed.  (pseudophed you purchase at the drug store and you have to ask the pharmacist even though it is non prescription/over the counter--  they just keep it behind the counter).  

My husband has chronic sinus issues but not the issues with his ears like I do.  He gets horrible headaches if they are clogged though.  He uses a nettipot religiously and it helps.  

My issues lasted that long couple of years but once I started working with the ENT and did these things, I recovered. Now, it's maybe every two years that I get an episode.  
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Sounds like you might have Babesia which is a Lyme Disease related co-infection/parasite. Babesia can  really mess with your head. It took me years to learn everything but  now reflecting on all the past years of vertigo, fullness and pressure in my ears, pressure in my head, tenderness on my scalp,  dizziness/imbalance etc. etc. etc., I now realize that Babesia  has been at play all along.  I know this is difficult to do, but the only way to clean all of these parasites out of your body is to stay away from sugar, gluten, dairy, alcohol;  in other words eat an extremely clean diet, be sure your environment is free of all chemicals and do not take any antibiotics for any lyme related parasites. Find a Lyme disease literate practitioner  who will teach you how to rid your body of this horrible parasite (If it is determined  through bloodwork that you have this) using all natural remedies. I know someone  in Connecticut who has helped me for the past 2+ years with great results.
Hope this helps.
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I would not get tubes in ears if I were you,if you do decide too,please do your research first. Adults do not do well getting ear tubes,I did and it was a mistake,had them taken out about 5 months ago,did not work for me.
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Susie---  you are back!!  I'm so glad.  :>)))  You have great info for people on this forum---  missed you!
Thank you,I just put in my 2 cents ha
Hi Susie, I am new here , I sent you a message about 2 weeks ago. How are you feeling  after that tubes were taken out ? For me only have been 3 weeks post surgery but already considering having them taken out ....
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