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Ear pressure, blocked sinus and broken nose (septoplasty/rhinoplasty)

Hi, im hoping someone can help me.
I got labyrinthitis a year ago after recurrent ear infections for the previous few years. I still have dizzyness and a very full feeling ear. Sometimes the pressure is painful and i feel rubbish all the time.
I also have a broken nose, by broken i mean, ive had septo and rhinoplasty twice and although the bone is in place now the cartilage is still bent right over to the left. My right sinus always feels blocked and its also my right ear that feels full.
I have been to ent and they say my eardrum hearing etc looks normal and im waiting an ultrasound.
I mentioned my nose and he dismissed it. Deapite it beimg obviously over to the left he didnt take me on at all.
Could it be related? My gp seemed to think so and right now im all out of answers! I have been using sudafed and anti allergy meds for a year now and while it sometimes temporarily helps a bit the fullness is still there.
I cant sleep on my right side because my ear feels like it will explode! But if i sleep on my left my nose pulls further on my sinus reducing my breathing.
Could it be connected? I have another appointment in 6 weeks and i want to go fully loaded with information.
Thank you
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