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Ear problems ongoing

I'm just looking for some advice.
I've bee having ear problems for a year now. I've seen an ENT consultant and had an MRI which all came back normal but I know there is something wrong my right ear is just not right.
I'm not the best at describing but it's like a fluid in my ear that noise is there 24/7 I can't pop my ear and I've tried everything after a while a pressure will come in my ear and get really sore and obviously because I can't pop my ear it doesn't go away for days.
At night it's at its worst the noise magnifies itself as I lay down and I only deceive it as woom woom noise like when your pregnant and getting an USS.
It's not tinnitus which is what I was tested for as there is no ringing at all it's all dull fluid like noise. Consultant says everything looks normal by the noise is 24/7 so much so I need to wear an earplug all day as I can't concentrate at work for the noise. Also when I look down and lean down its really starting to affect my balance.
My MRI scan was horrific and I wouldn't want another one but now I'm at a lost cause on what to do next!
Any advice or help would be thoroughly appreciated!
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You could get a bottle with a dropper and mix up about 10 parts witch hazel to 1 part tea tree oil and put a couple of drops in your ear twice a day.  Let it get in there and sit there and then you can tip and let it drain out or just let it evaporate.  My boyfriend has ear trouble and this mixture treats infections of all types plus helps wax work its way out.  
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About 3 years ago one day my ears started hurting and kept feeling like they were leaking so bad i couldnt stand up. I went to the ear dr. And they gave me antibotics which did nothing then i went too a specialist and they found nothing wrong. So i went to get my ears candel even though i was told it was fake. Well i went and the pain went away and everything seemed great till 2 weeks later the pain didnt come back but i was still getting a clear liquid that comes out my ears all the time and for the first year i would have to flip back and forth always trying to get it out but it never stopped. Its been 3 years and i still have the problem its terrible. I was even told it mite be  my wisdom teeth so i got them outand still no change.
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Hi Lorraine.
Sounds like tinnitus. That's hearing things that aren't really there.
I suffered from that, and then from dizziness, vertigo, nausea, loss of balance, etc. I finally found the right doctor ( who also had the same symptoms ) and it turns out that it's Meniere's Disease. It's an inner ear problem, and the only time they can actually find it is when your ears are "plugged" and you list all the symptoms. The ears aren't actually plugged. It's actually little crystals inside the ear that change position...and when they do, look out.
Sometimes shaking your head violently, changing altitude ( like in a plane or driving up a hill ) or having wind ( even a slight breeze ) can make this act up.
I am NOT saying you have this disease ( which isn't really a disease at all, it's a compilation of symptoms ) I'm just just saying that this is something you can ask your ENT about. Be warned though...not ALL ENT's work with patients who suffer from these symptoms.
I was diagnosed by a doctor who has it herself ( so she knew what to look for) and she sent me to an ENT who started to help me...then he retired and the new guy said he wouldn't even see me...and I had only gone there for a sinus infection that time. In fact, he now has a big sign on the door stating that he will no longer see patients who have Meniere's! How rude is that?

Anyway, good luck! Keep us posted!
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