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Ears Ringing

This has been going on for almost a month now. Let me explain.

Ok so I have a ringing in my ears, this is how I remember it starting.

I went out for a couple of drinks withs some friends, we did not go anywhere loud at all. When I came home I went to bed and suddenly noticed that I had ringing in my head / ears, I could not tell if it was coming from one or both ears.

The next day I was fine and I did not think anything of it as the ringing was gone. A couple of nights after that I noticed when I went to bed a had a ringing in my head / Ears again.

A couple of days later my right ear started to hurt, I went to the doctor who said I had a lot of wax in my right ear and that it would be a good idea to get itsyringed. I used olive oil for 4 or five days and then I had my right ear syringed.
Not much wax came out of my ear and the ringing did not get any better.

A day or so later my right ear started to hurt, I went back to the doctor who said I had an ear infection and he put me on Antibiotics for 5 days. 3 days into the antibiotics my other ear - left ear became very infected, so I went back to the doctor who told me my ear drum was red and it looked like I had fluid behind my ear drum. He said to keep taking the Antibiotics and it would get better and the ringing should go.

1 week later the pain from both ears has gone, I do however feel like something could still be in my left ear, but that could just be me. I have no loss of hearing but I still have the ringing sound, very high pitched. It sounds like it's coming from somewhere in the back of my head. If I move my jaw forward and clench themussels it brings on the sound 5x until I un-clench then it just goes back to the normal ringing.
I have an amount of clicking and popping in my ears (left mostly) when i open and close my jaw. / thought this was normal as I did not pick up on this right away.

Ive been getting dizzy when I stand up, I sometimes have a pain in the back of my neck like a headache or like someone has hit me around the head.

I've had ear infections in the passed, these have normally gone away in a couple of days, I have never had ringing before.

I don't know whats wrong with me but this sound is really getting me down.

Hope you can help!
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