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Enlarged adenoids?

My child had an x-ray because he's been having sinus issues for the last 6 months and was told that everything came back clear on the x-ray....except that he *might* have enlarged adenoids that will require surgical removal if he indeed has them.  When I asked the doctor what he meant by "might" he said it's because sometimes the adenoids appear enlarged on x-rays, but they actually aren't enlarged at all.  And then he said there's no way of him checking to see the adenoids right now because he doesn't have the proper tools to do that in his office. Is this right - Have any of you been told the same thing?

The doctor said he wants us to see an ENT specialist, but the specialist wait times here are long. We have made an appointment for late-November to get this checked out.  I guess my main question for all of you is what other conditions would cause sinus problems, but not show anything on the sinus x-ray? And should we travel elsewhere to get an appointment much sooner? In other words if this actually is an adenoid issue, are there any consequences of waiting that long to get the problem fixed?

Thanks for helping!
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