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For the past several months.. i started to notice a odd feeling in my throat.. i would ignore it.. and it eventually went away. it was like a strange tightening, in the middle of my throat.. right above my voice box.  the strange knot feeling, even worse when i would swallow, is becoming worse. Its like a very scary discomfort.. In fact, I went to the ER as I had initially thought that I was having a severe allergic reaction to something. They took X rays.. too look at my eppiglotttis.. but they said it looked ok .. I am stymied. its like someone is literally taking their hand and choking me. Yet.. I can breath. I have a referral put in to see an ENT,  and was told they will look further down my throat where the ER could not.. but.. this is really starting to scare me. I f anyone has any suggestions.. I would kindly appreciate it alot!! Sometimes.. when i swallow.. i can FEEL something there.. and my throat makes a noise upon swallowing. Like a clicking noise.. not real painful.. but enougrh to scare me.. and enough.. sometimes.. to make me feel like i cant breath. Like i am swallowing over something swollen.. then.. it just goes away! then.. comes back )-:
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I would be thinking of something called Laryngopharyngeal Reflux here.  This can result in muscle spasm near the voice box and give the symptoms you are experiencing.  Definitely see the ENT doc.
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