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Esophageal Motility Disorder

Okay, I'll try to be as short as possible.
2005, husband would choke every once in a while on different foods. Dec 05, he choked so severely on a piece of pizza, was in the process of the Heimlich because of white face and blue lips, when he finally past it. Well, from then on, we went to ENT, got barium test, CT scan, something else with and without conrtrast all to check for Cancer, supposedly ok, referred to Gastroenterologist, did manometry and endoscopy and check LES. All fine but, throat muscles at 60% and 40%.
Has been on Metoclopramide {reglan} since. He started off only being able to eat pudding, ice cream and tomato soup. Lost 20 lbs, not good for 5'2" guy only weighing 140 to begin with. Got to a point of being able to eat viennas and some chicken if chewed really well. This went on for a few months. Now, he is back to where he was, choking so badly, I'm putting everything in the food processor again, even that he chokes on. The Gastro said, he doesn't know what else to do and wants to do the manometry again. Frankly, if he doesn't know what else to do, I don't want to pay $900, money we do not have or insurance, for a test that isn't going to help him figure it out.
What specialist is out there that deals only with things like this? We are DESPERATE!! He is only 44 years old. He is having neurological problems too and actuall, these started first. Please, someone point us in the right direction.
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