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Extremely painful, swollen nose - staph infection?

Came down with a big sore bump inside my left nostril.  Entire left side of nose became red and swollen.  Went to Prime Care and test showed "light staph infection".  Have been taking double-strength Bactrim along with Valtrex in case it could be the start of shingles.  It has been 4 days on meds with no improvement, but no rash either.  Extremely painful.  Wake up every 2 hours and need Vicodin.  Seems to radiate into cheek.  Scalp itches now.  Now also have one swollen, painful lymph node under left jaw.  Shouldn't the Bactrim be working by now?  Is there a more effective antibiotic that I should be using?
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I have exactly the same symptoms that comes every few weeks and then disappears. Did you find out the cause and get any treatment
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I have always suffered with allergies... such as sneezing and then blowing my nose for half a hour a day at least. We bought a home and moved to the suburbs. When I blow my nose a lot it gets red and sore then swells up. This time it has swollen up for 4 days and did not go away. It is just the top of my nose and the circling areas. It hurts bad and looks like rudolph the red nosed reindeer. It is swollen like a balloon... Does anyone have a clue what it could be. I can breath fine and have no dicongestive problems.
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I just got out of the hospital for the same thing...
Mine was a serious staph infection in my nose....

This is nothing to play with it is serious you need to go see your doctor right away...
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I had a similar problem with my nose...first the right side was really really swollen..went away.. then the left...then went away then my eye..then went away..all that took up about a month out of my life to heal..just when i thought i was out of the woods..i got a zit to the right of my nose..didn't think anything of it and then the zit turned into a cyst and left light scarring under my eye..its gone now..i guess its all a part of getting older :( lol..i usesd warm rags most of the day that made the swelling go down gradually until it was gone..also i drank green tea which has antioxidants in it which reduces swelling and boost immune system...it worked..i didn't take any antibiotics..just stubborn i guess ..

good luck 2 all
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I'm wondering now if maybe it started in my nose.  I have allergies also.  My nose runs all the time during certain times of the year.  I kept getting scabs on the inside of my nose.  At first I thought I had a pimple on the outside of my nose.  Then it started to look more like a bruise or extremely red.  I tried putting neosporin on the scabs.  They kept coming back.  This last Friday I had something on my neck, I thought it was a spider bite.  I thought one of those Brown Recluse Spiders got me.  Then, I got this big quarter size blistery area. I went to the Dr. he said it wasn't a spider bite.  He said I just had an allergic reaction to something.  I called the oncologist on call and told him my glands were really swollen and very sore and that I had a really bad headache.  He had me go back to Extended Care.  The Dr. I saw this day said I had shingles.  So, is headache a symptom too?  
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I have had a sore nose for about a mo.. and also I always get an itchy ear which ive had most of my life.. when im nervous i scratch my ear.. i have otic sol.. that i take and my nose sorta stopped itching and scabbing.. well all of a sudden,, my ear wouldnt stop itching and my one  eye is oozing too,, my nose was so sore i went to the dr.. and they took a culture of it.. they said that hopfully it was not sure how to spell it but impatego,, or hopefully not.. a staff inf.. i am on nose cream and batricban for 10 days please let it be something simple since i am getting elective surgery on the 17th and cant go if there is a staff inf.. it is red and the red spread under my nose.. a pipmple on top of my nose too and sooo scabby its sickening.. I wont even go out side.. people look like i have a disease which i hope i dont.. kids said i looked like rudolph and bozo ..
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What you are describing is a classic soft tissue infection or "cellulitis," which  can be caused by many organisms -- all susceptible to certain antibiotics and not others.  Some organisms cause a pretty consistent set of symptoms and appearances that your primary care physician will be able to recognize but which you may not.  This may give him/her a better idea about which antibiotic to use to treat your infection.  Thus, it is important that you see your physician face-to-face; don't ask him/her for antibiotics over the phone or by email.  He/she will likely use an oral or topical (a cream) antibiotic (probably a penicillin or cephalosporin), and may give you a lidocaine cream in addition -- which is a local anaesthetic.  If he/she doesn't, a dilute cream is available OTC in any pharmacy.  Of course, not to be used in your eye!  Do not use neosporin cream as a home remedy, as extended use >7 days can lead to a nasty rash which would only further complicate your situation.

As far as Bactrim for soft tissue infection -- it is not wrong, but it is far from first line therapy, given its coverage.  A penicillin like oxacillin, or a cephalosporin like Keflex (cephalexin) are first line.  Again, these can be prescribed as creams or pills.

Eye infections are a different story, and your primary doctor will likely refer you to an opthalmologist to ensure that you don't end up with permanent vision problems because of this infection.

If you have a lesion like this that doesn't go away in 7-10 days or is causing you discomfort, you should see your primary care physician or nurse practitioner.  Any cyst should prompt you to see your primary doctor, because oral antibiotics are simply not effective without drainage of the cyst/abscess.  Sometimes this kind of thing will go away on its own, but can require hospitalization and IV antibiotics in extreme situations.

Bottom line - see your primary physician for any non-healing lesion, wound, or persistent hot/swollen/red area.

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In just the last few days the top bridge of my nose had gotten swollen and puffy red. It hurts like heck and I can bearly stand to wear my glasses.

Any ideas as to what it may be??

Thanks! Steph
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The bridge of my nose is sore too - almost like I hit it on something.  It seems to look sort of sunburned too, but there's no reason for it to be.  It was sore about a week ago, then went away, but has come back again.  I'm interested in ideas too.  Thanks! SusanP
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I've had a swollen nose (wow does it hurt to the touch) and can hardly stand to wear my glasses.  This is the third day.  I don't know if I should see a general practioner or ENT.  Please help!  I feel like a clown.

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If this could be a staph infection I went to get to the doctor asap.  Like Stephanie & Susan it looks like I hit it, but I did not.  I also had some scabs inside my nose about a week ago.  Ibuprofen, Alka Seltzer, warm compress & cold compress do not reduce the swelling.
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Did you go to a primary care doctor / general practioner, ENT or ER?  Now I'm scared and want to get to the doc. asap.
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