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Feeling to expel flegm, noise when exhaling

Hello, I would really appreciate an opinion about what I am going to describe here. I am an obese person, aged 34, tall 186 for 120 kg. I don't have a smoking habit, but rarely I have a cigarette (less than one per month). I suffer from hiatus herniation and GERD treated with esomeprazole. On a day in April 2017, I was with some friends having beers and smoking rolled cigarettes without filters. I remember that I was inhaling the smoke (and I guess some of the tobacco) really hard. At the end of the evening, I felt a strong sound seemingly coming from my lungs whenever I would exhale. I got scared, but eventually come home and slept over it. The following day I still felt that sound, but much less and only on occasion. It would show itself, though, if I exhaled with strength or if I would sneeze, I would feel kind of "vrrrr" noise, very similar when the throat is full of mucus and strong exhalation is forced out. Also, I would feel kind of "pain" on the right side of the chest, at the same height of my nipples, just right of the sternum. The voice would change for a few minutes, being much more coarse. This continues to happen right now, nearly after two years. With the time, I noticed (albeit could be some mind "fixation" creating me the feeling I am about to describe) that the air flow seems to come "later" from the right side of the throat when I am exhaling, in comparison with the "left" side, as if the pathway would have some kind of obstruction. During August and September 2017 I have performed thorax ct scan, bronchoscopy, several x-rays of the chest, without any particular finding. Last month I have performed spirometry, which has shown moderate asthma-like symptoms and mildly positive response to bronchodilatatory test, but regardless of that, not much in bad terms. I am still very worried as I feel that my breathing is not how it had been for all my life, and it feels like a burden as with every breath I am reminded of this. I noticed that the symptom nearly disappears when I put my chin on the chest and exhale, and gets much worse when I look above me and exhale. I tried to pinpoint the origin of this wheezing-rattling sound, and it looks like to be just below the vocal chords. To support this hypothesis, the fact that when I exhale and hear/feel the strange noise, and immediately after try to say a word, the words vibrates closer to the base of the tongue than the strange noise. Also, putting a hand on the throat, I believe that the vibration happens on the right and slightly below of Adam's apple protrusion.

I would really like an opinion on this. I know that by far is very difficult if not impossible to really understand what's happening with me, but so far I've been told "I don't know" by many real-life doctors, so why not ask for your opinion, which is very valuable for me.
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