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Fluid filled bubble on inner lower lip

I occasionally get a little "bubble' on the inside of my lower lip.  It is clear and fluid filled.  I seem to get one when I am stressed or my immune system is low.  Only once I got 2 at a time.  They start out small and sometimes get a little bigger.  The bubble or cyst doesn't hurt- but it is bothersome and gets sore when I bite it or try to pop it.  It usually goes away in a day or two- it pops on its own usually, but sometimes it is so bothersome I try to pop it.  Then it leaves a small white bump that eventually goes away.  Eating salty foods seems to aggravate it.  I have done some research- Is it some rare kind of inner mouth herpes? I don't get any bumps on the outside of my mouth- I only get them on the inner lower lip.  Could it be oral warts from HPV?  How do I prevent them?  Can I treat them? Is it bad to pop one myself?  I have been getting them often the past few months since I have been under a lot of stress and not getting a lot of sleep.  
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Hi, thanks for responding to my coment too.  If it just the inside of your lower lip that you are getting them, it is possible it is a mucocele.  Look them up on the internet - they are really common and nothing to worry about.  I have been seen by my GP and dentist several times and have had blood tests and swabs galore.  I am off later to get my last set of results with a new doctor, I will let you know what they say in case it might help you too.  There is also a condition called stomatitis which is an inflammation in the mucosa of the mouth, sometimes due to infection or virus (herpes), or trauma, or dental problems, and sometimes just because apparently!!  This is what they think I have.  Although I am not a doctor, if yours are anything like mine (single fluid filled tiny white spots/blisters) I am fairly certain it would not be warts.  I will get back to you.
I have a habit of biting my lower lip and as a result I get those water blisters. I just pop them (like the way you pop a zit, squeeze the sides and water comes out) it just leaves a little hole and no pain involved. hopefully yours are just like mine. once in a while - pretty infrequently i get a canker sore on the inside of my mouth; it is a genetic thing all my siblings get either canker sores or cold sores. I have asked doc several times and my inner lower lip water blisters/bubbles/sores whatever you want to call them are from biting my lower inner lip. My dentist agreed, I asked him as well.
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Thank you so much for your input!  Nobody has gotten back to me.  Please keep me posted on what you find out.  I have HPV so it could be from that.  If you find any way to treat or prevent them- please let me know.  I was having them a lot recently but I haven't had one in a week.  I was very worried.  I really appreciate anything you have to share with me.  
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no! you are fine! these little blisters look like small bubbles? and can feel like maybe a bee bee is stuck in your gums? all they are is tiny saliva glands that have been blocked. maybe you bit your lip? anything like that can cause them. all they are is little bubbles of saliva. as you said they eventually go away and if they don't you are still fine. do not be concerned.
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My son was running a fever and has a bubble on the back of his throat.  The doctor said it wasnt mono or strep.  And that his throat look terrible.  He is on a high dose of antibiotics.  He cant eat because his throat is so sore.  His doctor doesnt know what it is so his sending his cultures to another lab.  If anyone has any idea what is wrong with him please let me know.  Thank you
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i have little bumms under my tongue with clear fluid and some and some little bumms in the inside of my lower lipp i have a bunch and they havent gone away i havent gone to  a doctor cause i complain about so many things im scared my mom will think i just asking for attention in only 15 i have no clue what these things are
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I am in my late 30's and have already had 4 kids so I pretty much know my body by now. But recently Ive noticed a change, when my husband and I have sex and I give him oral sex in between orgasms Ive noticed a bitter taste and strange oder (not bad just strange). We work and live together and still never tire of being together, I know that we are both faithful 100% to each other. I have HPV but have had it for over 13 years so I know thats not the problem. I am under allot of stress in my life right now and Ive been gettin those small clear hard bubble like sores in my mouth one at a time. I use the get them offten when I was a kid. But what about the bitter taste on him that comes from being in me? Could it be from a yeast infection? Can stress really cause all that? Or is there more?
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