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Fluid in left ear

Hi everyone. I would like to thank everyone in advance who is able to help me out.

i'm 25 years old and About two weeks ago i noticed that my left ear became plugged. I thought that it was just earwax and never thought to much about it. It  got to the point that it became VERY annoying because i couldn't hear nothing. I made an appointment with my family doctor just yesterday and said you have fluid in your ears!... i thought wow i never thought  it would be that.. He then looked in my left nostril and noticed my nostril was inflammed and blocked. he then right there diagnosed me with rhinosinusitis.. He said the reason why theres fluid in my ear is because of the nasal blockage which in return has drained into my ear.

He told me to get an otc nasal spray plus he gave me nasonex and i should take something like Advil cold and sinus.. I'm no doctor but how the hell is that going to help with fluid in my ears?? he seems like he knows what hes talking about but ive read that stuff wont do very much!.. Why didnt he just give me an antibiotic??

Has anybody had this problem? If so what can i do? I'm kinda get frustrated with this and would appreciate any ideas or suggestions! Thanks
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